Workspace Ideas for Small Apartments

Space is a luxury!

Living in a small apartment might not give you the comfort of having an entirely separate study room, but that shouldn't stop you from making your own little workspace at home, right!

Here, we bring to you seven brilliant small office workspace ideas on how to design a workspace, when space is a constraint?

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Wall-mounted console serving the dual purpose of a desk and display area | Photo Credit:

The workspace solution in this apartment is lovely. Running throughout the length of the room and serving the dual purpose of a desk and display space is this wall-mounted console. It provides ample work area. An occasional chair can be used as a desk chair as well as an extra seating for guests.

Hall table placed in the entryway | Photo Credit:

A hall table can be placed in the entryway, behind the sofa or on a blank wall as it doesn't occupy much space and can be used as a small desk or laptop table.

Place a small desk next to the sofa | Photo Credit:

Instead of an end table, you can also try placing a small desk next to the sofa.

Wall-mounted desk provides ample space | Photo Credit:

Try using a wall mounted desk that serves the basic purpose of a flat work surface and saves you ample space too.

Place a bookshelf above your desk | Photo Credit:

You can also have a bookshelf above your desk, utilizing the corner more efficiently.

Folding desks help in saving space | Photo Credit:

If even a wall mounted desk occupies too much space, try a folding desk which is mounted on the wall and when not in use, can be folded. This one even has a little bit of storage inside.

Projected window sill serves as a desk | Photo Credit:

You can also utilize a window sill. As in above image, it projects into the room and serves as a desk.

Small desks are an alternative to nightstands | Photo Credit:

For maximizing small office space, you can even consider using a small desk in place of a nightstand. To read about the solutions for some common home office design problems, click here

Written by: Toufiq Mohammed