The White House Interiors- Design Changes made by the First Ladies of US

A beautiful home is one of hopes, dreams and impressive interiors. To keep this feel alive, each time a new president is elected in the United States, the First Lady takes over the task of designing and renovating the iconic landscapes and epic designs that the White House has been boasting of, since years.

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Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama's initial project was to redecorate the old family dining room. She added more elements of modern art, gray wall paints, and bronze sconces to bring out the decor. Obama's initiative to plant a vegetable garden in the White House garden turned out to be pretty successful; wherefrom fresh vegetables were used to feed family and guests.

Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton had an excellent decorative mind; she filled the hall with American art. Her unique collection of paintings, pottery, and glass works on display in the White House celebrated the works of the top artists of America. She beautifully renewed few rooms, offices, dining space and the Lincoln bedroom with the help of top decorator, Kaki Hockersmith.

Jacqueline Kennedy

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The First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy followed an expensive project to refurbish the White House with historic interiors and exteriors. With a dynamic collection of innovative paintings and artifacts, the entire White House became a paradise of beauty. Assisted by a Persian interior design firm, the First Lady used inspiring colors like blue and green for giving a Federal and Victorian look to the House.

Elizabeth ‘Bess' Truman

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When Elizabeth ‘Bess' Truman became the First Lady of the US, the White House was nearly collapsing due to poor maintenance and heavy constructions. She took up this tedious charge on her shoulders and urged the government to authorize $5.4 billion for the reconstruction of the building. She redecorated the White House and turned it into a stunning architecture.

Grace Coolidge

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In 1927, Grace Coolidge had the beautifully partitioned in-space of the White House, restructured and christened it the Sky Parlor. She also enriched the beauty of the garden by adding a water-lily pond to it.

Edith Roosevelt

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Edith Roosevelt was a lady with sharp wit and beauty. She renovated each corner of the house and arranged for the construction of the new West Wing, which was meant to house the presidential office. She collaborated with top architect firm heads, McKim, Mead and White to give the interiors of the White House a more elegant look. She also had a gallery of portraits of all previous First Ladies added to the first floor.

With talent, style, perseverance, and efforts, the First Ladies of America each time have come up with something innovative and exciting. With impressive styles, they tend to transform the White House into a place, no less than an ecstasy.

We are highly keen to see what the present First Lady of America, Melania Trump will show us with her dynamic ideas, soon to be implemented in the White House?