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Traditional vs Contemporary: How Would You Like to Design Your Home Interiors

'Home is where the heart is'- so true!

We spend lakhs and crores in purchasing the home of our dreams and nearly a tenth of it in its designing. Though interior designing is best done by people who are pro, but you too could learn few tricks of the trade and help yourself save some bucks.

What’s Your Style- Modern, Traditional or Classical? Take a StyleQuiz

This infographic illustrates the basic differences and key features of both traditional and contemporary interiors. If you've ever wished to design your own home, here's your chance; start with the basics at least.

We hope you enjoyed the read and would come back to share your design stories.

Happy Designing!

Madhurima Das

Madhurima Das

Madhurima is a microbiologist by qualification and writer by choice, emotional yet practical, sensitive yet sensible. She is always enthusiastic about good music, books, food, and destinations.

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