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Top 5 Disastrous Office Design Trends

Ever looked at your workspace and wondered, ‘How did they even think that this would look good?' Like many other fields, some fads in interior designing are attractive only theoretically. They not only take up your much-needed space but also distract the task at hand. Here are the top five disastrous office design trends that most interior designers unanimously agree upon.

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i. Workplace or Play station

Workplace should not have too many distractions | Photo Credit: www.lerablog.org

The most common office design trend, across corporate workspaces, is including too many distractions. All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy but that doesn't mean we have to keep reminding him of it. Two pool tables on a single work floor or multiple LCDs screening the latest matches are going to hit productivity heavily. A great idea would be to have a dedicated room where your staff can unwind. This way they can disconnect while on a break and focus completely at their desks.

ii. Overcrowding

Avoid closed spaces in offices | Photo Credit: www.huffingtonpost.com

Often workspaces overlap or are too close, especially in companies which require co-workers to coordinate tasks. Sometimes it's just done to save space and money. Private conversations will disturb the next working person and confidential emails may be read. Each worker enjoys a bit of private space to take a breath without a competitive colleague watching his/her back. Stop fitting things into small spaces. Let both your interiors and employees breathe.

iii. Glass Cabins

Glass cabins are a distraction | Photo Credit: www.archiproducts.com

Ever got spooked by those glass cabinets of your director/manager/CEO, from which he/she can see each and everyone on the floor.

Yes, the verdict is out and this is one of the most loathed office design trends.

Not only is it uncomfortable for the senior, he/she too would like a break now and then but would also be extremely uncomfortable for the other members who often don't feel free to even crack a joke or take a break at a colleague's desk. A glass cabin may look good and expensive, but it is a huge faux pas.

iv. Back to College

Offices should not look like a college dormitory | Photo Credit: www.emlii.com

Brightly colored walls, asymmetrical furniture, and casual Fridays are good. But Bob Marley and Eminem posters on the wall are an absolute no-no unless you work at a record label. Avoid letting your workspace look to casual, like a college dorm. Research shows that staff is more likely to slack and not follow rules if the office environment is too relaxed. Keep it trendy but tread carefully. For instance, you may allow your workers to personalize their desk with photos and memorabilia, but draw the line on the type and number of items they can keep. No giant teddy bears, please!

v. Playing the Copying Game

Do not imitate other office designs | Photo Credit: www.designboom.com

Many corporates make the fatal error of copying interior design of companies they look up to. Most try to imitate office design trends of big companies including Google, and Facebook. While this is not only unrealistic in terms of budget, it is also detrimental to your productivity. Ask yourself whether your business goals and services are in the same line as that of the company whose interior design you wish to copy. If the answer is no, you have to plan more realistically.

Joanna D'Souza

Joanna D'Souza

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