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Top 3 Interior Design Challenges and Their Solutions

Every interior designer faces challenges when working on a project. These could range from hectic schedules to fussy clients, and even budget constraints. While each designer faces unique circumstances, there are certain interior design challenges that are common world over. Let's look at the top 3 interior design challenges faced by designers and break them down to understand how one can overcome them.

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I. Defining a Theme

The first step in any interior design project is agreeing on the theme and mood of the room. An interior designer may get lucky and the client may like the very first blueprint. However, at times, a designer may have to go through several blueprints before a decision is made.

Defining a theme is important in interior designing  | Photo Credit: www.pexels.com

Often clients don't want to be limited to certain boundaries of design. They wish to participate in every step of the designing process. This can prove challenging for the designer who would have to balance client's personal interests along with function, form, and budget.

An easy way to go about this challenge is to let the client take his/her time browsing online sites such as Pinterest or Houzz that provide suggestions for interiors. If a client's choices are too vast and varied, focus on what he/she dislikes, to narrow down options. Show your client how to incorporate items they love into the overall layout of a room, even if it goes slightly off the routine path. It's after all their living space.

II. Working within Budget

This is one of the biggest interior design challenges faced by most. Trying to accommodate client's needs and your expertise within a limited budget can prove to be very exhausting.

Deciding on a budget is the topmost interior design challenge | Photo Credit: www.nikolatesla.co

Often, interior designers are expected to provide cost-effective interior design and source out the best furniture and upholstery at minimal rates. This not only elevates stress levels but also affects project quality too. Good quality takes time, effort, and money.

A simple way to deal with the challenge of interior design cost is to balance the budget out. If a client wants a great sofa, coffee table, and drapes, you could cut costs on the drapes by getting them made instead of buying designer ones. Many interior designers have their source markets in China, from where they get reasonably priced, good quality furnishing.

III. Accommodating Ideas

Designing a home involves an interior designer, the client, their spouse, family and sometimes even friends. Taking the opinion of over 10 people on the color of the walls can be challenging and exhausting. Yet, accommodating everyone's ideas is part of an interior designer's challenges.

Accommodating and incorporating ideas into an interior design is crucial | Photo Credit: www.eslgold.com

The spouse may not agree with the color of the sheets and the kids may keep changing their mind as to which Disney theme they would like in their room. Often interior designers find themselves stuck as mediators between conflicting opinions.

Do your best to stay neutral while delivering the verdict. Offer explanations as to why some ideas are better in the long run than others. As far as possible try to accommodate a little of everyone's tastes, even if it means stepping outside a certain pattern. Keep your focus on the budget (a friendly tip- using budget as an explanation tool will make things easier for you).

Though the entire process may seem tedious; however, it would save you loads of phone calls and add another happy client to your book of achievements.

Joanna D'Souza

Joanna D'Souza

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