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Tips and Tricks to Effectively Design a Drawing Room

Drawing room is not commonly mentioned or talked about in the field of interior design today. The concept was much prevalent in the ‘bygone' era and was found in grand homes for entertainment purposes. However, there are certain aspects of this room which when applied to our homes today, will make it more appealing and lavish.

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A Drawing Room Makes For An Easy Transition from Dining to Sitting Area

Drawing room is ideally located near the dining room | Photo Credit: www.kientruc.com

During the 1920's, the dining room was a place where women would sit and chat and within few steps was the sitting room, where men would smoke and hang out. The concept of a drawing room, also referred to as salon or parlor, has changed with time. In simple lines, a drawing room is a room for post-dining entertainment, located a few steps from the dining area, and shows a smooth transition from there.

A Place for Easy Conversation

Drawing room allows guests to relax and converse | Photo Credit: www.impressiveinteriordesign.com

While designing a drawing room, one should keep in mind a group of people seated together such that furniture is placed in a manner that everyone feels as a part of the room and none feels left out. This might force you to pull various ottomans and chairs from other rooms as well but it would all be worth the effort.

A Drawing Room Should Hold Elegant Details

Elegant details should be the highlight of a drawing room | Photo Credit: www.zgzhongyi.com

Chandeliers, designer mirrors, moldings, etc. are the classic components of any drawing room. Having a champagne stand in this room would be a plus. However, don't worry even if this entertainment room of yours doesn't have a ping pong table. You can add few elements and make it special before the party; bottles of wine, copper mugs and fresh flowers! Getting the point, right?

Consider Tables for Placing Drinks

Tables are needed to place drinks and glasses | Photo Credit: www.interiordesign777.com

Whether you are planning to have champagne or an after-dinner coffee, you need to have a place where people can easily rest their drinks. Convenient side tables, cocktail tables or Chinese garden stools are an effective way to create the much desired entertainment space.

Make Room for Serving Carts

Bar cart and espresso station allow guests to enjoy their drinks without having to leave the room | Photo Credit: www.cugala.com

Moving back and forth from one room to another for getting and making drinks might prove to be an ineffective way of communicating with your guests. Instead, try and have a bar cart or an espresso station in this room, so that guests can get their drinks without the need to leave the room.

Walls Should Be Filled with Pictures

Pictures on walls add to the decor of a room | Photo Credit: www. kristendukephotography.com

Drawing rooms are a perfect way to showcase family pictures. It doesn't require all those fancy paintings or expensive art pieces. In case, you don't wish to showcase your personal photos, you might consider displaying portraits of people you admire.

Allow Guests to Enjoy Music

Music is an inseparable part of a drawing room | Photo Credit: www.whatsmy.com

An after dinner party should allow people to relax, enjoy soothing music; and for those who love shaking their legs post meals, few fast-track options should be there too. It doesn't matter whether you have a Bluetooth speaker or a home theater, you simply ought to have music.

Make Room for Board Games

Keep guests entertained with cards and board games | Photo Credit: www.zastavki.com

Earlier, 'Bridge' was one game commonly played in drawing rooms. However, you ought to have a place where people can sit and enjoy any board or card game.

Have Everything Placed Neatly

A drawing room should be neatly kept | Photo Credit: www. womanadvice.ru

Before any of your guests arrive, do consider cleaning up the room and making the room clutter free. Remove any additional magazines, books, newspapers, toys, etc. for a decent look.

Get your room ready, music set and furniture arranged; it's time to party!

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