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Sure Shot Ways of Making Your Home Soundproof

Heavy traffic noises, blaring horns and construction works; guess you have already hinted at what I'm getting at.

Yes! Situations we all wish weren't anywhere close to our homes or offices.

Nobody truly appreciates such noises. You may not be in control of what happens outside, but with few simple tricks, you can make your space a lot quieter by knowing how to soundproof a room from outside noise.

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The more sound reflects, the louder it gets. To minimize its amplitude, we must reduce hard surfaces and objects as much as possible.

Split Open Spaces

Simply dividing a room into smaller spaces using room dividers or by hanging curtains reduces outside noise from echoing further as well as provides the much required privacy. The more, the better!

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Decrease Ceiling Height

Reduction in ceiling height by using false ceilings is one great way to do it. You can even use hanging artifacts or drapes to create a similar effect. These materials absorb sound waves and also make your space unique and presentable. Use of heavy and thick material curtains absorb the sound allowing you to enjoy your beauty sleep uninterrupted.

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Go Green

Love gardening? Well, your love for plants can give you peace and freshness all at once. You can use the outdoor balcony or even a wall creating a hanging garden with small plants. These will purify your air as well. Besides, plants have natural sound-absorbing characteristics too.

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Minimize Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces usually aid in the continuous reflection of sound. Replace these surfaces with a soft sound-absorbing material. Soft clothes or rugs, etc. are great sound absorbers. Usually, these are used on the floor to muffle the sound alongside giving a cozy feel. You can use heavy curtains as well. Use of foam or soft materials under wooden flooring also reduces noise. Elegant furniture as well as a large number of pillows also gives you the desired results.

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Use Sound-proof Materials

Use sound proof materials, if you have the scope, like damping compounds, fiberglass, etc. in your interiors. There are different ways to insulate your walls and ceilings depending upon your budget and requirement. You can use decoupling methods such as multiple sheets of drywall or sheetrock to increase space between walls and interior space. The noise gets absorbed at multiple layers.

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Plug-up Leakages

Smaller cracks in the wall can lead to sound leakage. You can use acoustical caulk to mitigate such noises. This noise-proofing material will insulate smaller areas like electrical sockets, etc. Sometimes the source of noise could be electronic gadgets, washing machines, etc. things that you use at homes and can get them repaired to prevent unnecessary sound.

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Use Acoustic Wedge Panels

These are fiberglass panels with Mylar coatings, though slightly costlier yet are a more effective option. They are now available in an attractive design also, which can be used for wall decorations too. They also cut down the noise in the room, providing a pleasant experience to the ears.

Acoustic wedge panels help in cutting down noise | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Opt for Hi-tech Products

For some reasons, if you cannot alter your home space, technology then becomes your best friend! When everything else fails, and you still need to concentrate, get back to your old-school ear plugs, or hi-tech headphones as a temporary solution. There are advanced noise cancellation machines that cancel white noise and even allow you to select music to be played in the background. Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner is one such product.

Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner | Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

So, learn how to soundproof a home cheaply and enjoy a noise-free life!

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