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Transform Your Living Space with Scandinavian Design

Is there anything that the Scandinavians do wrong?

Apparently not.

From their social structures to their beautifully developed cities, Nordic countries and Scandinavia have set the standard for the rest of the world to follow.

And that extends to Scandinavian design, as well!

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Photo Credit: www.decorilla.com

In many ways, the Scandinavian design is very different from the existing Indian style. While Indian interiors thrive on ornate, intricate detailing and a sense of grandeur, Scandinavians like keeping it elementary and minimal.

So, what is Scandinavian interior design?

Geography plays a significant role in influencing how different cultures view and design their interiors.

Countries in the Nordic region constantly face short, brief summers and long, unforgiving winters which have led to the evolution of a design style that makes the most of the natural sunlight, with light flooring, less clutter, and big, dressy windows.

Culturally, Scandinavian design focuses on setting the mood with beautiful lighting and props, only because people spend a lot of time indoors, during winter.
oould keep in mind while getting started on your Scandinavian interior design ideas!

Rule 1: Cut the Clutter!##

We need to talk on this. This might be hard to hear, but all those colorful home accessories you carefully acquired over years and years of street shopping?

Lock them up. No, really.

Your thoughts, when you look at Nordic interiors, would be around how simple, clean, and spacious their living spaces are.

De-clutter for getting Scandinavian design into your interiors | Photo Credit: www.bofink.tumblr.com

Cutting the clutter is the first step to moving towards Scandinavian interiors, so carefully opt for storage spaces that double up as decor pieces. Avoid shelves and cabinets, or ornate furniture that consumes half your living room.

For furniture, opt for non-intrusive and elegantly designed sofas and couches with rounded edges and warm fabrics, to add to the overall aesthetics. Polished wooden tables or contemporary industrial furniture (think lots of metal and glass) can do the trick too.

Remember, less is more!

Rule 2: Go Crazy with the Whites##

We need to talk again, but this time about colors.

Neutral colors are a must in Scandinavian design | Photo Credit: www.cdn.home-designing.com

To achieve the clean, minimal and modern look, it’s important to add neutral colors, that don’t attract too much attention.

Maintain a soft color palette that weaves whites, browns, grays and beige to style your interiors, to get the classy and understated look that’s the hallmark of Scandinavian design.

Once you’ve done this, any small touch of color you add will tastefully stand out, giving your interiors a whole new character. Note how the green poster and cushion add a dash of color to the otherwise sophisticated interiors.


Rule 3: Look Down##

Bingo. To bring in the Scandinavian appeal, we need to take another look at the flooring.

Wooden flooring are an integral part of Scandinavian design | Photo Credit: www.roohome.com

Here’s a bit about hardwood flooring- it adds enormous appeal to interiors in a non-traditional way, making it the quickest decor idea that can make your home stand apart.

The Scandinavian design uses wood liberally, so keep wooden flooring as an integral part of your checklist. What’s more, opt for lighter wooden styles to distribute natural light through your house, or just paint the floor white.

This is important, and it’ll give the tone for the rest of your decor.

Rule 4: Light-up Your Spaces##

Scandinavians love lighting their interiors, and so would you if the sun visited you the exact number of times you checked up on your grandma recently. Think about it.

Lighting in such spaces serves a greater purpose than just brightening up the interiors, it adds appeal and influences the mood based on how it’s placed and styled.

Lighting adds appeal and substance to any decor | Photo Credit: www.cdn.home-designing.com

Go experimental and artsy with your lighting, and try out modern designs to match your minimal interiors. They often complement each other, so you’d be surprised at the results.

Use candles and ornate candle holders for aesthetic effect, to add a tinge of natural light at dusk.

Rule 5: Add a Touch of Good Ol’ Green##

Strategically placed plants and flowers are integral to Scandinavian interiors, so don’t skip this part.

Plants and flowers are basic to Scandinavian interiors | Pfhoto Credit: www.cdn.home-designing.com

Bringing a tinge of the outdoors helps complement the industrial and minimal feel of the interiors, and takes the edge off your living spaces. It breathes life, drastically alters the mood, and adds color in the most natural sense.

This is why no Scandinavian design is complete without them, making this an integral part of the whole design process.

Rule 6: Pay Attention to Your Windows##

Lighting, as outlined earlier, is a big part of Scandinavian design.

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Big dressy windows with sheer curtains (or none at all!) are quintessentially Nordic, and they round off the clean look that you desire.

Depending on how particular you are about privacy, you could accessorize around your windows and experiment with blinds and curtains to keep things interesting.

With these six Scandinavian interior features in place, your home should transform into a beautiful and chic space that’s bound to attract attention.

Try it out!

Written by: Ganesh