Recent 3D Snapshots made with DesignBids 3D Tool

Since we have made our 3D tool public to all users, we have seen a lot of creativity in the projects that are published.
We talked to some Designers and homeowners to allow us to share their Design creations with our audience, and they happily obliged :)

So here we go, some of the 3D Designs made in our design tool January Edition

A minimal Living Room Chennai

Step1: Building and Designing the overall look of a living room

Step 2: Adding furniture and decor items to the space

Step 3: Final Output of the living room

A cozy living area Bangalore

The designer followed the same process when designing this, but took critical decisions regarding the decor since the space was very small and required a fairly large seating area.

Some final design looks
PS: We loved how the cushion colors were cleverly added to give the space a colorful look

And finally, this cozy Bedroom Pune
Enough said :)

Madhurima Das

Madhurima Das

Madhurima is a microbiologist by qualification and writer by choice, emotional yet practical, sensitive yet sensible. She is always enthusiastic about good music, books, food, and destinations.

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