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Take these 7 Steps to Walk into a Perfect Living Room

Your living room is the first place that someone observes as he/she enters your house. So wouldn't you want it to be beautiful and welcoming? Well, leave your worries at the doorstep as we, at Designbids, are here to give you tips to make your living room modern, comfortable and stylish.

A living room is where we relax, discuss or party with friends and family. Some prefer spacious rooms whereas others prefer cozy ones. But, it all depends on how we decorate and place our furniture to get the desired look. Now, let's quickly run through the article to learn the art of mastering the perfect living room with these living room design tips.

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1. Select Your Focal Point##

Most homes have a focal point- which is that part of the room that has all leading furniture facing it, that you would want your guest to set their eyes on first. It could be a fireplace or even the view outside. So, make sure that the furniture chosen does not block the fantastic view.

A Perfect Living Room with the Fireplace as the Focal Point

2. Decide on a Center Point##

The center point of the living room is where you can place your coffee table or teapoy. But if you have a large room, you can even consider keeping two coffee tables also.

The Coffee Table Marks the Center Point in this Living Room

3. Choose the Right Furniture##

A major key point while styling your living room is choosing the right furniture. If you want a casual setup, then a sofa set would be the better choice because it would allow people to stretch, relax and feel cozier.

Side chairs and armchairs can also be kept to give guests a choice as to where they would like to sit. Make sure to strike a balance between sofas and number of chairs, to avoid overcrowding in the room.

Choosing Proper Furniture for Your Living Room is a Must

4. Never Forget Side Tables##

Side tables are mandatory for both formal and informal setups, as they allow guests to place their plates and glasses with ease. Portable tables are a convenient option as well. You can purchase them, after buying your primary furniture, to be sure of the height of the side table.

Side Tables Add to the Beauty of a Living Room

5. Size Matters##

Remember, when you design any space, there must be a balance between every item in that room. A small room can accommodate a large sofa, but placing a side table to pair with that sofa can be a challenge. Similarly, just because you have a large room doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have furniture of large sizes.

Coffee tables should preferably be about half the size of the couch, and their height should be lower than the sofa's seat. Since side tables and end tables are meant for holding lamps and décor items, their size depends on the number of elements you would like to place on them.

The positioning of items is equally important and should be done in such a way that the room does not look congested, allowing enough space to walk around freely.

Choose and Place Your Furniture Wisely

6. Place a Rug on the Floor##

Placing rugs on the floor is a good option, as it gives an eclectic look. They are usually kept 6" away from the wall, and in the center of the room, with either all the furniture on or off it. Carpets can be considered if the room is large.

Place rugs to change the look of a room

7. Paint Your Wall. Light Your Hall.##

Wall decoration is important as it captures a person's interest. People are usually in a fix when it comes to decorating walls since they do not know whether to use numerous small pictures or one large portrait.

Fancy mirrors are used to make the room look bigger and lighten up the entire place. Ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps, when correctly positioned, give preferred results.

The next issue is the selection of wall paint that gives a room, the desired effect. Choosing the right color is important as it plays a significant role in lighting the room. Usually, bright colors lighten up the room and make a person feel comfortable.

Choose Bright Colors to Illuminate Your Living Room

Create the perfect living room layout, that you have always desired, with these tips. But if you need any professional advice, Designbids should be your ultimate destination. We will surely help in making your dreams, a reality!

Written by: Priya Bhat