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A Guide to Moroccan Interior Design

Morocco, with its vibrant culture, houses numerous civilizations and religions. From Romans in the north to sub-Saharan Africans in the South, a mutual harmony persists in the land. This diversity is conclusive of the fact that Moroccan interior design is rich, vibrant, eclectic and inspirational. It has become quite popular around the world esp few of its unusual elements like arched doorways and intricate carvings.

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Browse through the following article to get an idea of how Moroccan interior design will add an exciting as well as mystical touch to your space.

The Moroccan interior design is emphasized by rich intricate carvings

Moroccan interior design, inspired by Moorish or Spanish architecture, was prevalent even during the 6th and 18th century.

An exotic Moroccan design themed bedroom

Even after the 18th-century, Moorish architecture continues to exist and can still be seen in the Arab nations of North Africa and on the Iberian Peninsula.

A plush living room

The Moroccan style of interior design primarily consists of arches, courtyards, domes along with decorative tile works. Each of these components can be seen in the image above.

A perfect fusion of Moroccan and Scandinavian style of interior design

The combination of Moroccan and Scandinavian designs offer a simple yet great look to your house. As is evident, the room has preserved its Moroccan feel, while drawing in subtle inspirations from Scandinavian style.

Horseshoe style is a trademark of Moroccan design

The Moroccan horseshoe can be easily seen across mosques and serves as a beautiful frame for art pieces or designs.

 A myriad of colors gives this space an eclectic look

Colorful textiles, wall hangings, and upholstery, are essential Moroccan interior design elements.

An archway colored in full white

A room or an area consisting of a peaked doorway is believed to have certain Moroccan design patterns, in it. For those who are new to the field of interior design, an archway serves as an indicator of this vibrant style.

Moroccan style is beautifully illustrated in this image

Though, these are not seen often, however, an equilateral arch is an essential element of Moroccan interior design.

Riads showcases the depth of moroccan architecture

Riads are an important and beautiful part of Moorish architecture. It refers to a palatial house or the interior courtyard or garden of a house.

A touch of nature is always a wonderful sight inside homes

An elaborate open-air skylight characterizes a riad. Primarily due to their Muslim influences, they became a part of Moorish architecture Since women in the family weren't allowed to move out alone; therefore these riads enabled them to enjoy the interior garden, without compromising on their faith and modesty.

Features such as open air and fountains are a boon in the scorching climate of Morocco, imparting a cool and relaxed ambiance for the residents.

In modern Moroccan designs, moderately colored sofas, which sit low, have replaced colorful couches, however, offering the same level of comfort.

Muqarnas, an intricate element of Moorish architecture, are increasingly seen in palaces, mosques and luxury homes. They are made of brick, stones, and wood.

The ceiling present in the image above gives a glimpse of how this style has been improvised in a modern space.

The floral patterns in this design give the classic Moroccan style, a feminine twist.

Styled by Kenan Osman

This dining room, designed by Kenan Osman, features the contemporary side of traditional Moroccan architecture.

A final look at moroccan style interior design

The blend of modern and classic Moroccan style is beautifully illustrated in this image.

Liked the concept? Why don’t you incorporate this style into your homes to appreciate the beauty of this eternal design?

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