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Wardrobe Design Ideas to Match Your Home Interiors

The bedroom wardrobe is the most important storage place in most modern homes. From clothes, shoes, accessories to paper works, all make their way here to rest safely until you need them next. However, finding great wardrobe designs isn't easy. Unless you plan to hire a professional interior designer, figuring the layout of your bedroom closet can prove to be hectic and tricky. Here are a few wardrobe designs to zing up your bedroom interior design.

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Stick to the Theme

Your closet color should match the theme of your bedroom. No doubt that often interior designers choose one piece of furniture that stands out in color and pattern to the rest of the space. This, however, won't work well for your wardrobe.

Stick to a color theme that will allow your wardrobe to blend in with your walls. Keep it simple and sophisticated. The highlight of your closet is what you keep in it.

Mix-up the Shelf Design

Remember to add a good mix of shelf size and types. There should be narrow shelves for folding away T-shirts, broader shelves for bags and shoes and finally, hanging space for your dresses, suits, and jackets. Make sure you have enough pulled out drawers for your inner wear, socks, and accessories.

You can add a touch of elegance by putting up fixed wooden clothing hangars. Installing an in-built electronic safe is also a great idea.

Sufficient Lighting is Must

Don't rely on a narrow trickle of bedroom sunlight to help you find things in your wardrobe. Fabulous lighting compliments a great wardrobe design.

Installing LED lights is necessary. Automatic ceiling lights, which switch on as soon as your open or slide the wardrobe doors, are simply fabulous. You'll be able to find your way around your closet easily and match colors with a whole new level of accuracy.

Mirror on the Wall

Your wardrobe design must preferably include a mirror too. A dressing mirror has the practical benefit of letting you check yourself before you leave and makes space look bigger.

Many interior designers have taken things a notch higher by installing hidden wardrobes behind huge mirrors on the wall. This not only saves space but also makes the room appear much larger.

The Grand Walk-in Closet Wardrobe Design

A walk-in closet is every woman's dream. Most walk-in closets are shaped like an ‘L', ‘U' or an ‘I.'

A walk-in closet can have a dressing table, a full-length mirror, and a small sofa for visitors. A charging point is a great addition for those dryers, irons, and even mobile phones. A curtain or a small foldable divider can make for a nice secluded place to try on clothes. If space is not a problem, there's no limit to the walk-in wardrobe design ideas that you can employ to personalize your space.

Do you have any other design idea? Do share in the comments section below.

Joanna D'Souza

Joanna D'Souza

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