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Enjoy Dramatic Living with Masculine Interiors

If you love interiors that are comfortable yet gives that classic touch to your abode, then you should definitely try giving it a masculine touch!

Masculine interiors are usually dramatic, that's why even girls love them and for boys, it's like a retreat.

So, here we have listed few masculine design ideas to consider along with amazing examples of masculine interiors that would surely make it to your wish list in 2017:

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Go for Neutral Color Palette

Opt for neutral colors | Photo Credit: www.freshome.com

Masculine interiors
have a more subtle touch with lots of grays, neutral shades, low furniture, earthy and natural accents, and elements. Start from the classic tone of grays, black and white and then move towards olive and green and then blend it up with saturated toned pillows and artwork. The neutral color will add more dash to your design.

Minimalism is the New Trend

Mix style with design | Photo Credit: www.grendeng.com

Make your bachelor's room more cool and appealing, no matter what style you prefer, with minimalism and natural materials. Simple, angular elements should be on your mind while planning such types of interiors. Geometric shapes play a big role and the only rule is, less is more! Choose designs carefully and make your home more stylish and comfortable.

Blend-in a Rough and Tough Look

Blend rough with smooth | Photo Credit: www.topdreamer.com

Boys like a more rough and tough look, be it with their looks or their living space, they love it being edgy. Blending rough and smooth surfaces perfectly will give your interiors that perfect look. Leather is a quintessential masculine element which adds warmth and a rich texture to any furniture. Pair it up with simple sleek metals or wooden furniture to tone the entire idea a bit. Add white or dark green for little airiness and cheerfulness.

Add a Touch of Wood

Wooden minimalist interiors add comfort to any space | Photo Credit: www.meblizkitaya.com

Wooden elements provide a modern touch to any space. Make your ambiance comfortable as well as trendy with some rustic furniture like sofas or center tables that will make your home an ideal masculine interior design living room. Think of an exposed brick wall with a classic fireplace at the heart of the room which could be the focal point of the room, as well.

So, ready to experiment with these amazing interior design ideas for men? Get started and share your experience with us.

Eshika Punjabi

Eshika Punjabi

Eshika is an English Faculty by profession, bibliophile and conversationalist. Her life revolves around writing, photography, presentation and repeat! "Go With The Flow” is her approach in life.

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