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How to Make the Best Use of a Nook at Home

A nook is one of the most indecisive parts of one's home. Hence, comes the question, how to decorate a nook area? In case you also have a nook (lucky huh!), but it is plain and simple, then here are few tips which might help you revamp the same.

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Use a Nook for Recreation

A nook can be used for recreational purposes too | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

In case you have a nook in your kitchen, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to use it for dining. In case you have a dining bench and aren't using this nook very much, then make it a place to sit with your morning coffee and relax. You can even install a television in there and take a little break from cooking to watch your favorite TV show.

Display Artworks in a Nook

Display various artwork in nooks | Photo Credit: www.livingandkitchen.com

Small areas with great artwork do tend to attract focus. A large enough artwork is sufficient to draw people's attention to this living room recess and is an amazing living room nook decorating idea.

Place for Doodling

Nooks can be used for doodling | Photo Credit: www.minimalisti.com

This place can be effectively utilized for children's fun-filled activities as they help in bringing out their creativity, with doodles all over the place. However, do ensure that the sitting area beneath this nook is covered with a washable fabric, as it is likely to be challenged by chalk and little feet.

Cover it with Wallpaper

Wallpapers help in beautifying nooks | Photo Credit: www.ovnis.co

Nooks are one of the best places to have wallpaper installed or a paint color applied on. You can easily have a small shelf where you can stack-up anything which inspires you or makes you happy.

Make it Part of a Room

Nooks can be extended as part of a room decor | Photo Credit: www.houzz.com

You can always utilize a nook as part of a room. Just like the image above where a nook has been efficiently used as a place to hang-up children's art as well as to put important accessories.

A Place to Read and Relax

Nooks are a great option for reading and relaxing | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Try having a nook turned into a place where you can comfortably relax and dose off to sleep, pretty quickly. Accompanied with soft cushions and fluffy pillows; this nook bed is hard to resist.

Use it as a First Impression

Nooks create a good impression when present near a doorway | Photo Credit: www.houzz.com

In case you have a nook on your doorway, consider having it filled with antiques and artwork which would convey a clear message of you being an art lover.

Keep Everything Organized

Nooks being utilized as a workplace | Photo Credit: www.effectivehouse.com

A nook can also be utilized as a workplace, similar to the picture above. With all the papers kept neatly in the storage present on the side and top, this nook is a recognized part of this living room.

Try Something New with the Upholstery

Throw pillows give a new look to nooks | www.pinterest.com

Throw pillows can give a new look to your nook in no time. Using vibrant colored bench cushions will give your nook a new and lively feel.

Add in Lights

Table lamps and chandeliers help in illuminating nooks | Photo Credit: www.houzz.com

You can give importance to your nook by shedding some light on the same. You can try and include a beautiful chandelier which will not only help you decorate it but will allow you to have a nice reading space as well.

If you know of other ways to make the most of nooks. drop in and share your views.

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