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How to Change Your Living Room Decor in Limited Budget and Time

It is true, one may come across a living room from the 80's here in the second decade of 2000's! Good news is that if one really wishes, there are really no constraints on living room makeover ideas. Just a bit of imagination and creativity can help transform a living room from drab to fab in a matter of few hours.

People often hold back on interior decor makeover due to supposed financial and time-related constraints. Once they have spent some resources on building and decorating a house, it is not uncommon to see living rooms, still in their original avatar.

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Explore more on how to decorate your living room on a low budget.

Fix a Budget

Play around with colors and give your living room a classy makeover

First things first, the budget should be fixed, at least to give an estimate. Being flexible within a range will help keep expenses in check. Every item and service are available at different price points, therefore, it is important to maintain realistic expectations.

Have a Floor Plan Ready

A fine example of modern living room decor
One needn’t be an architect to do this. Just a rough plan on paper helps create a perspective. One can plan and execute better and also come up with new ideas for the living room. Is the space being used well? Can some stuff be moved around and rearranged for more optimum space utilization? Does the room need more furniture or some ought to be moved out?

Make Use of Walls

Walls play such a huge role in room decor. Leave them empty and they are easily ignored; paint them in vivacious colors or add wall art, and see them come to life. If one feels that the walls are under utilized, it’s a good idea to shift some focus on them. A nice painting or picture frame with focal lights or just textured paint and sleek light fixtures would do the magic. Also, if there is some clutter lying around or loose wires from behind the TV unit, there are ways to hide or arrange them in a more pleasant way.

Try Re-arranging Existing Decor

Living Room Decor Ideas

The most exciting part for most; Yes, shopping! It’s important at this stage to stick to the budget and getting things that are most suitable. Many a times, just adding a couple of big planters is enough to modernize your living room or sometimes it needs more. Accessories can do wonders too. Therefore, a new set of cushion covers or a flower vase or a sleek mirror at the console table can help change the ambiance of the living room immediately.

Last but not the least, arranging and rearranging furniture can play a crucial role. Sometimes just a different placement of the sofas and side tables can make a whole lot of difference. Changing angles, directions, adding a rocking chair or a bean bag will bring in some fresh spirit.

So, living room makeover isn’t that big a deal as it is thought to be. Adding new colors, textures and accessories can bring in new life to an otherwise dull and boring room.