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Learn the Basics of Designing a Startup

Startups no longer function from a home with a small budget. In Bangalore and many other metros, entrepreneurs understand the importance of investing in office space and good interior design for their ventures. Take a look at startup offices around you and you will see a similarity in their pattern and design. Multiple LCD screens, table tennis boards, bean bags and several coffee dispensers dot the floor. However, style should not be mistaken for functionality. Here's what you should keep in mind while designing any startup office:

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Location Comes First

Before you decide on your furnishings, you must ensure your office is somewhere visible, preferably in one of the prime business hubs of the city. Statistics show that close to 80 percent of potential customers decide if they want to work with you based on location.

Good location and connectivity are important | Photo Credit: www.studentsforliberty.org

Moreover, a great location benefits your staff. Ensure that there are a couple of take-out restaurants in the vicinity, check for parking availability and issues and preferably opt for an office that is close to a taxi stand, railway station and/or bus stand. Choosing a great location is especially important if you have female employees who will be expected to work late shifts.

Let Creativity Kick-in

An office interior design should encourage productivity directly and passively. Put up bulletin boards and stick your company goals and mottos all around. Install whiteboards where your employees can ideate and discuss plans of action. But never overdo it

Employees should be able to explore and express their creativity | Photo Credit: www.steelcase.com

Keep a supply of stress balls, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and other useful goodies that you can give as freebies for targets achieved. Let your staff personalize their workspace and encourage their feedback on the existing interior design of your workspace. You can even take things a notch ahead by inviting another startup, with a different business agenda, to share your workspace.

Food for the Soul

A hungry employee will be a grumpy one. Make sure that you have sufficient coffee machines at work so your staff doesn't need to run out every couple of hours to grab a cuppa coffee. Install a snack vending machine or a counter that sells healthy and quick fast foods including salads, sandwiches, soups, and noodles.

Healthy snacks should be an option in office cafeteria | Photo Credit: www.blog.whoswho.co.za

The cafeteria should be sized as per the number of staff so that no one needs to stand or eat at their desk. Celebrate business and even personal achievements by organizing a small lunch or dinner party. Small gestures go a long way in making your employees feel special.

Create the Perfect Mood and Ambiance

A dull office with white walls and wooden furniture is enough to dampen spirits. Rid your staff of those Monday blues with brightly colored furniture and wall colors but never overdo it. Allow for sufficient natural lighting in your interior design plans.

Brightly colored rooms and green plants boost workspace ambiance | Photo Credit: www.caandesign.com

Plants, in the office, are proven to reduce stress levels and help create an overall calm ambiance. Soft music, in the lobby and washrooms, can further add to the ambiance. Don't forget to install air purifiers and air fresheners to liven up the atmosphere.

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