2017- The Year of Innovation, Creativity and Interior Designing

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Every New Year comes with promises galore and each passing year flaunts of achievements plenteous. 2016 being no exception has been phenomenal and the world was witness to major events from the Summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro, Setouchi Art Festival, Japan, 100 years of Indy 500, UEFA Euro Cup, France, Triennial Glow Festival, Santa Monica to the US Presidential elections. Even on the national front, from Olympic victories by P.V.Sindhu in Badminton, Women Singles and Sakshi Malik in Wrestling to the very recent demonetization, India has been doing the headlines too.

Racing at par are real estate, architecture and interior designing. While retro tech and warm metals were internationally preferred along with Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity being the colors of 2016, according to Pantone; India too saw the entry of walk-in closets, geometric tiles, metallic finishes and the concept of green homes. Not undermining the importance of interior designing, builders are consistently coming up with theme-based projects as well.

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At the tag end of 2016, Designbids has roped-in few innovative and creative minds in the field of designing to share their inspiring stories; what they have learnt and gained from 2016 and what their resolutions are for the New Year?

Ar Vivek Vashistha,

Partner and Principal Architect, MyInnoSpace

2016 Experiences

2016 was a year of expansion for MyInnoSpace; setting up our third design studio in Bangalore (the first two being in Mumbai and Kochi); starting up our own studio construction in Kochi; venturing into turnkey solutions and project management consultancy for our clients; entering into new geographies (Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan) for working on new projects; expanding the team from 7 to 20; starting the use of technology in internal processes to improve efficiency and expanding our portfolio from just residential and commercial to retail, industrial, healthcare and F&B, as well. We have learnt from our mistakes and couldn’t have asked for a better year. 2016 gave us a sense of achievement and we have come out being more mature, being better innovators, designers and construction managers.
Personally, I feel proud of my team for their dedication towards innovation in designs and construction management, throughout the year. All benchmarks achieved by the firm, are because of them.

2017 Resolutions

I’m excited to enter 2017 with goals of reinforcing the firm with values, ethics and a loyalty towards this profession. We’re committed to create trendsetting spaces which define our philosophy of design and transparent construction processes. We’ll put all our efforts to make India a better place to live, in the coming year.

Reena Gaikwad,

Co-Founder & Design Architect, Kaladalan Studios

2016 Experiences

The year 2016 for ‘Kaladalan Studios’, based in Mumbai & Pune, has been a ‘Get Set Go’. As per our vision, ‘To Dream, To create, To inspire’, we have begun shaping our ‘dreams’ to reality and strategizing our approach to make our place in the field of art & architecture. Consciously, we are trying to ‘create’ arrays of innovative concepts and ideas for a diverse portfolio. Our bigger unified vision has begun to ‘inspire’ many, with our quality experiments done in interiors, landscape design, architecture, product design-branding & art illustration.

2017 Resolutions

In the year 2017, Kaladalan Studios aspires to continue its ascent to the peak, more firmly, focused, collaborating & expanding with imaginative minds both nationally & internationally, to celebrate new exciting experiences & events of construction.

Smrity Agrawal,

Interior Architect and Designer

2016 Experiences

A life changing event in 2016 put things in yet-to-be acquainted perspective for me. Coming out of the employee cocoon to become an entrepreneur made me realize that I needed to make more efforts in networking to get the quality project that I was looking for. I spent most of my time in learning ways to tackle work responsibilities, as well as preparing myself for a transition into becoming an independent person.

2017 Resolutions

I envision 2017 as a year that will bring me the right clients, who will provide me with the quality projects that I need to, leverage my business. I have vowed to make more efforts in connecting with the right people, but at the same time being open to as many opportunities that come forth.

Simon Samuel,

Principal Architect, S&S Architecture

2016 Experiences

The process of design looks at purpose in all things. No event superfluous, no dots extra! So the whole of 2016 has been like a missing page from a poetry book, for us! Working with new ecosystems and requirements or be it designing structures in steel, or furniture which generates interests in human actions, all made the year eventful!

2017 Resolutions

As we step into the New Year, with offices in Bangalore and Mumbai, the bouquet of projects we have is making it a lovely year to look forward to! We want our designs to be more Indian, but respecting global perspective, it should be cost-effective and market relevant. Most importantly, we intend to create a language! 2017 would be the year of our ‘new design language’, hoping to make the poetry complete!

Jamila Sidhpurwala,

Principal Architect and Co-Founder, Flying Saucer

2016 Experiences

Calling 2016 a massive roller coaster would be an understatement! While the year saw the launch of umpteen lead generation and interactive client-oriented portals and startups; architects were still denied their due when it came to jobs and personal practices. 2016 for me will always be remembered as the year we launched Flying Saucer, the year we struggled for projects and basically lived on ‘fried rice’, the year we faced yorkers daily, and the year we blasted sixes after sixes, every single day!

2017 Resolutions

2017 holds a lot of promise as digital marketing and cashless economy might give the required boost to young designers. Formerly known as inexperienced or novices, people have now started realizing that youngsters are equally capable of creating good designs and doing business, as they are equipped with current trends and practices. 2017 will continue to be the year of startups and hopefully people will realize that having a Pinterest account does not make them a designer!

Ar. Arnav Mathur,

Principal Architect, Studio Built Environment

2016 Experiences

It has been a year of continued perseverance towards the goal of meaningful design for the built environment. We had started the year with a focus on adoption of renewable energy in the city, through a social initiative of ours. Identifying the opportunities within constraints in the projects that came our way, we strived to add value and sustainability through design. Our work and ideas found an audience on national platforms and we gained some new friends and patrons, who enabled us to grow and spread our wings.

2017 Resolutions

We intend to actively develop and implement our ideas of contextually responsive and sustainable architecture. In 2017, we envision creating a ‘network of ideas’ to generate a discourse on innovative and sensitive design concepts in architecture especially amongst the young generation of architects.

Hitesh Jain,

Director,Thar Interiors

2016 Experiences

Tapping on the right opportunities, we strived hard to make the year 2016, highly eventful. We learnt through our mistakes and gained new perspective.

2017 Resolutions

A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year!

Truly inspiring, isn't it?

Would you like to talk of your achievements and resolutions? We’re all ears!

Wish all our readers a very Happy New Year, 2017!

Madhurima Das

Madhurima Das

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