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How to Fix a Budget if You are Planning to Hire an Interior Designer

Be it your new home or a re-vamping of your old, decorating a house is not only fun but delivers an amazingly fresh feel to it. It is absolutely reasonable to model your home like the ideal house you had seen in a swell interior design magazine.

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Interior design budget tips

But the million dollar question is how much is it going to cost you? What if it surpasses your estimated budget and bores deep holes in your pockets? To style your home better, DesignBids has chalked out few simple yet important interior designing tips to help you embrace your dream house at the earliest.

I) Pen-down Your Thoughts

Maintain a notebook where you can jot down all your design ideas or paste pictures of rooms, accessories, furnishings or fabrics that you notice in any magazine or paper. This book would come absolutely handy when you actually start decorating your house.

Notebook for jotting down design ideas

II) Allocate Yourself a Budget

Knowing what you want to change and how much you are actually willing to spend on it is very important. First, be sure of which rooms you want to design and then list all that you want to change in that room. Prioritize your list and that will help you keep not-so-important-items off the list.

III) Get Acquainted with Actual Market Prices

Courtesy the numerous online portals, catalogs and offline stores, you can now get a rough idea of what the present market rates of your desired products are, which will help you chalk out a budget for yourself. But do remember, even if you have set a budget, you still have to be a little more flexible and allocate yourself extra funds as well since unexpected expenses do show up.

Knowing actual market prices is important

IV) Plan Well Before hand

Specify which areas of your house need to be re-decorated and what can be given a miss. For staying on a budget, it is important that you spend wisely on things you need on priority than to scrimp your budget and end up spending more on things you need less and less on things you actually need. Planning is very crucial and you need to be most careful and precise while doing it.

V) Decide which Rooms to Spend on

Few believe it should be more public places like the living room or dining room that needs to be the most decorated while others think that the room where a person tends to spend the maximum time i.e. bedroom, should be preferred. The choice is absolutely yours, but if you think this is too confusing then you could seek professional expertise of any interior designer as well.

Decide which rooms need a makeover

VI) Be Wise while Spending

It is wise to spend more on items that are functional and will be used more often, to be precise things that you first notice in a space like sofa, flooring, dining table, beds, window treatments etc rather than on decorative or aesthetic items. Make sure the products are of good quality and that will serve you well over time.

Spend money wisely

VII) Juggle Your Expenses

If you want a dining table so badly, then perhaps you will have to settle for lesser expensive chairs or maybe if the flooring you desire is way too expensive, then opt for a less pricey rug or carpet. You should juggle wisely between important and lesser important items for that extra savings.

![Juggle your expenses(/content/images/2018/01/Juggle-your-expenses.jpg)

Re-think and revise until you are satisfied with what you have planned. Well, if you have ample time in hand, then you could roam flea markets and stores offering discounted products, browse through various items and crack a deal.

VIII) Refrain from Impulsive Purchases

Even though it is absolutely natural to get deviated and distracted while buying, try to stay focused as much as you can and stick to your list unless you suddenly stumble upon something that is really worth it and you could switch it for something in your list or perhaps do away with a little more cash.

Don't go for impulsive purchases

IX) Use Old Items

You could save that extra rupee by repainting old furniture or buying used wood from a thrift store, antique shop or flea market. This way you do not compromise on quality and purchase items at reasonable rates as well.

Buy old items from antique shops

X) Design Your Own Walls

Another great interior designing tip would be to splash your creativity on your walls through artwork, photographs, self-made paintings and anything that demands more of your skills and less of your money.

Get creative with your walls

Remember, you are just a few tips away from your dream home.

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