Latest Interior Design Trends- What to Look out for in 2017

Now that you have bought a plot and have started making plans for its construction or have already built a house, or just purchased one recently; you are excited, obviously. You now wish to style it your way but it becomes a 'home', only once you start living in it with your family. Making it beautiful, and how you create a wonder with the latest interior design trends; flaunting it off to your relatives and friends and their "oohs" and "aahs" and "so pretty" exclamations, bring a smile to your face.

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A little effort needs to be put into making your home look its best with a good d├ęcor? Getting that magical D vitamin, sunlight into your home, exploring new materials, designs, arrangements, and colors can make your home look stunning.

Here are few latest interior design trends to be looked out for in the coming year.


Glam up your space with outdoor fabrics | Photo Credit:

Fabrics that are used outdoors can be used indoors as well. With numerous outlets in home furnishings available, the texture, and durability of outdoor fabrics can be used as indoor fabrics too. Since the living room and the dining room have high-traffic, the furniture in these rooms can have outdoor fabrics on them which will create an entirely different effect.

Kitchen Cabinets:

Two-toned cabinets give both a vintage and modern look | Photo Credit:

The upper cabinets can have an off-white or a cream color for a cleaner look, and the lower cabinets can have darker wood tones. The two-toned look will give both a vintage as well as a modern look. This is one cost-effective interior design trend.


Add vibrancy to rooms with colored appliances | Photo Credit:

Try colored and shiny appliances rather than the traditional white refrigerator and ceiling fans. This will add color to the rooms and would be easy to maintain as well. A black stainless steel appliance is the trend for the upcoming homes. LG, a manufacturer of appliances has lots of new equipment with breathtaking designs.

Extra Long Tiles:

For a trendy look, try long floor tiles | Photo Credit:

One amazing cost-effective interior design trend is using extra long tiles in kitchen and bathroom for an aesthetic as well as a trendy look. The longer, the better!


Kitchen drawers allow ample storage | Photo Credit;

If you have a large family or entertain an extended family and friends often, you need to have that extra space in the kitchen, where you can have a kitchen cum dining room. Storage shelves, drawers are a must in the kitchen. Try having deep drawers, dividers, inserts which will let you organize any dish or utensil. Drawers under kitchen sinks can also be tried. This will bring in a modern look to the kitchen.


Olive greens offer an eclectic look to the kitchen | Photo Credit:

Instead of white cabinets and granite countertops for the kitchen, an interior design consultant can provide suggestions for mixing modern materials, finishes, and colors. For an eclectic look and since "Go Green" is the slogan, use olive green or bottle green colors to give a sophisticated look to the kitchen.

Living Room:

Living rooms are an integral part of any house | Photo Credit:

With people spending so much time on their gadgets now, there has to be a space for the family to get together for a chat, read a book or just sit quietly listening to music and also for the sun to enter bringing sufficient and the much-needed Vitamin D. A living room should be devoid of digital distraction and allow deeper family bonding. Good interior designers pay good attention to light, functionality, space, purpose, length, width and the ambiance of a space. A sun-drenched corner in every home is needed. A jewel tone color on the walls or bright orange color brings out the much-needed inspiration, daily in you. It can be sapphire blue, or purple or emerald green too.


Rustic wood or painting are great options for the bedroom | Photo Credit:

The master bedroom can have bolder ideas like rustic wood wall or painting on the ceiling, warming up the otherwise contemporary room space.

Organic Material:

Wood and stone are a great combination for interiors | Photo Credit:

Home design trends 2017 makes use of organic materials like wood and stone for interior works. This will beautifully integrate, thus contributing a natural look to the interiors.


Terracotta tiles embedded in the bathroom walls look chic | Photo Credit:

The otherwise fusty bathrooms can have little chandeliers, flower vases or trendy mirrors, turning the place into something nice. Terracotta tiles embedded in the walls looks very chic.


Using cane-woven furniture is an amazing interior design trend | Photo Credit:

Cane-woven baskets bring out the natural beauty of the entire space. These differently shaped baskets can help you organize and make your home clutter-free.

Wondering if these latest interior design trends are worth a try? Of course, they are!