How to Hire the Right Interior Designer/Architect

Earlier, having shelter was a necessity, but over a period of time, it has become increasingly necessary to glorify your shelter in every way possible!

Every minute detail matters. From how big your apartment is, what your child's nursery is like, what kind of furniture you own to what faucets are fixed in your toilet; how do you make sure that everything is prim and proper?

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Oh, don't stress out. The answer is simple; hire an effective interior designer and architect!

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A good interior designer and an architect will not only add some panache to your homes but will also take care of your choices too.

So, let's see how to hire an effective interior designer and architect because if you make the wrong choice here, let's just say it might not end up too well for you!

Be Your Designers'/Architects' Friend, not Boss

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Your rapport with your designer and architect defines the whole picture of building a house together. Your constructive inputs and constant support will encourage them to build a house of your dreams. Interior design is very important and so is the person who designs it! Understand that. You both should make a good team and hence should be able to discuss various aspects of interior design. You can't hire a designer who will overlook your views and ignore your opinions. It is ultimately your house!

It's All About Money

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We expect a lot of good things in return when we spend our hard-earned money on something.

The same applies here.

Figures are very important. Be it the cost of hiring a designer and architect or that of the quotation put-forth. Less expenditure can lure you into many things. Beware! Low priced paints may look cost-effective initially, but in less than a year, the color fades off ultimately leading you to redo your whole place. Inconvenient, huh?

But not all that is expensive is of excellent quality, either. Here is where a good interior designer will help you out. Hire a designer and an architect who will fit well within your budget without compromising on quality.

In short, cost-effective interior design is the key!

Be Creative but K.I.S.S.!

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‘Keep it simple, silly!'

I agree that interior design and architecture both require a great deal of creativity. But over-creativity may only result in tackiness. Also, originality is very important. You should immediately reject a designer or architect who has, for almost all their projects, followed the same trend. Look through your designers' past projects. Analyze them. Hire a designer who will not just stuff aesthetics in your home but someone who will efficiently utilize the space, at the same time keeping it elegant.

A designer should know and possess the art of making a house look beautiful and spacious at the same time. I'm sure you wouldn't like to live in a 1 BHK apartment that is filled with bulky furniture which may look nice but leaves no space for you to walk around!

Background Check is Always Important

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Who does not like bragging? Interior designers and architects are no different either! Would you not want to verify their credentials? In fact, this is the very first thing you should do; talk to all previous clients of the designer and architect. This will not only give an idea of their work but also of their work ethics, which mind it, is equally important! Credible internet websites can be referred for any help.

What kind of designer and architect you hire determines whether he/she will make or break your home! You wouldn't want to be stuck with a wrecker. Well, a good team creates wonders, a bad team can only create nightmares. Choice is yours!

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