How to Find Budget Interior Designers

First things first, why do we even need an interior designer? The answer isn't any rocket science; it's simply to beautify our homes for that unique and special look. Then comes the million dollar question, how do you find an interior designer? Here strikes the real savior, Google! Just type in 'budget interior designers' or 'freelance interior designers' on Google, walk through their paid ads and SERP (search engine results page) and you are good to go.

But wait! How do you know if the designer you have chosen is good enough; are you sure of their credibility; can you successfully negotiate with them?

Spoilers, huh!

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Don't worry, read on to get all your answers here.

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When to Hire Budget Interior Designers/Freelancers?

When you can't find or don't want a full-time in-house designer or established design firm, freelancers are the best and the only option.

How to Choose the Best Freelancer for Your Project?

Now begins the real tough job; zeroing down on the right professional for your project. While filtering freelancers, from among the thousands online, few points need to be kept in mind; look for technical expertise, excellent communication skills, and personal qualities. Browse through the designer's portfolio, all previous projects he/she has worked on and reviews from past clients are vital.

It's crucial that the chosen professional be reliable, a good communicator and should be able to collaborate with you on your project throughout.

Make sure that the freelancer has the required license, preferably from IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers), but in most cases, they usually don't since having a license is a must in the US but in India, it still isn't.

Finding freelancers could be a little cumbersome since several of them do not even have a proper marketing budget.

Where to Find Budget Interior Designers?

There are three ways of going about it. First, recommendations from your friends, family, or colleagues. Second, from freelance job boards like People Per Hour, Elance, etc. Third from online interior design portals like Homepolish, Decorist, Havenly, Decorator in a Box, etc. and Indian portals like Kataak, Designbids, Furdo that are at par with their US counterparts regarding both services and efficiency.

Pros and Cons of Working with Freelancers

The best part about hiring a freelancer is that they are highly skilled in specific areas and hence can work on discrete projects, diligently. They are more flexible in terms of time and money than in-house professionals.

But, if you are unlucky enough to hire one of the unethical ones, you will end up banging your heads over petty issues like availability and work schedule. The main risk of working with freelancers is lack of professionalism and missing of proposed dates.

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How much does it cost to hire an interior designer?
Negotiating rates could be tricky as there are no set benchmarks but it would obviously be lower than what standard designers charge.

Why Opt for Online Portals?

As mentioned above, several US and Indian-based online interior design portals allow clients and designers to come on board the same platform. While clients get the advantage of browsing through the designer's portfolio and all previous projects; designers get a chance to choose from the numerous projects that are available on the site, at all times. They also get the advantage of choosing projects based on area and budget preferences. Since most clients have urgent requirements, designers do not have to wait long, if they like a project.

These sites get a thorough check on clients and designers done, before listing them on their site, thus making themselves more credible. It reduces the risk of encountering unethical professionals.

So, if you have been waiting long enough for a good budget interior designer; you now know where to look for them, right?

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