Home Library Designs to Create that Perfect Library at Home

Avid book lovers are passionate about books- spending endless hours in reading them. No matter how much you love your rack full of novels, romantic stories, fictions and sci-fi, keeping track of them is possible, when arranged on a bookshelf only. Ensure the longevity of your old books with these brilliant decorative home library designs that will help you create a perfect **library at home**.

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Photo Credit: www.decoist.com

Discover your library-style by tapping on the right method of sorting.

1. Bookstore-style Home Library Design:

The primary focus in Bookstore style is to arrange books alphabetically or according to the author's name, as and how you desire.

Arranging books alphabetically is an amazing home library design | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

2. Theme:

You can arrange books while maintaining a theme. It is a fun-filled activity and shows a reader's, creative bent of mind. For example, cookbooks can be grouped as non-vegetarian delights, vegetarian recipes, desserts, cocktails, regional specialties and the like.

Arrange books according to a theme | Photo Credit: www.booksinnorthport.blogspot.in

3. Rainbow-themed Home Library Design:

Following the Rainbow order of book sorting is a more conventional idea and works best for those houses where interior design is visually enriching. You do not have to stick to specific colors for the arrangement, but can set books, maintaining its shades, depending solely on the color of your bookshelf and the room. Each and every shelf leaves a huge impact.

Arranging books on color basis is a good home library design |  Photo Credit: www.blogspot.com

Take Care of Over-sized Tomes in Your Home Library

Place lighter books on top and heavier ones at the bottom | Photo Credit: sandboneltd.com

If you have an extensive book collection, you can arrange them by keeping smaller books at the top and the larger, 'heavy-weight' ones at the bottom.

Place books vertically or on vertical shelves to make maximum use of available space. Shelves should have a counterweight at the bottom to prevent tipping.

Place books vertically with counterweights at the bottom | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Swap Books to Spark New Interests

Once done with all the arrangements, interchange the old books with the recently bought ones, to avoid monotony. Browse periodically through your piles of books; bring out those that interest you and place them around the house to bring them to your notice.

Swapping old books with new ones helps avoid monotony | Photo Credit: www.iconhomedesign.com

Get Inspired while Working

Working for long hours at a stretch can be stressful. Just flip out a book from your shelf and relax. In no time will you be rejuvenated; such is the magic of a book. Keep your cozy home library diversified, to soothe your active gray cells.

Books are a beautiful creation; they add knowledge and beauty to your mind and house. Try these small home library ideas and give a unique touch to your library design.