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Million Dollar Designer- How to Make a Fortune as an Interior Designer

What if I could show you how to make lots of money in interior designing? Even with less experience or no experience at all. You would probably think I was selling snake oil or some cheap dodgy product.

But I'm not!

You are stuck with your expenses and profit and constantly banging your heads thinking how you could make more money and do something to increase your profits?

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It's not that you are not perfect in your work, but you simply need more collaboration with big giants and have more creative ideas.

So, in this article, Designbids.in wants to show you how you can be a million dollar interior designer.

Let's get started!

Market Your Skills:

You cannot get wealthy if you don't promote yourself. Clients will not give you money for your hours, but for your work. Make something that you can sell. You need to convince them to hire you by showcasing your work and benefits they will get on hiring you.

But First!

Do you know why people should hire you? If you don't, then figure it out. Make proper notes of what you can do that other interior designers can't.

For beginners, this might be difficult as you don't have much to showcase, but you can always create something different. For example, an artist can show people his/her sketches and random ideas. Similarly, you have to constantly keep on creating new designs even when you don't have a single client.

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First Impression Matters:

Create a design that impresses your clients at the first go. Prepare everything, well in advance, so that when you meet them for the first time, you have enough designs to support your credentials.

Remember, excuses don't work.

Don't be in a rush to show everything at once. Create designs that are simple to start with and are presentable as well. You have to show your clients that the world is a beautiful place with lots of creativity.

What if you are not into this technology gimmick?

Well, it's not rocket science. You will slowly learn like everybody else. A lot of software's are available to help you design and remember to give 3D pictures too, so visualization would be easy.

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For attracting more prospective clients you need to make use of social media at its best.

Get Noticed:

Get internet savvy, showcase your projects online. It is quick and easy. This way people will find you. Try to be on the first page of SERP (Google's search engine result page) with proper SEO tactics. Higher the ranking, the better; since nobody really cares to look beyond the first page of Google.

Showcase your work and skills with high-resolution images. Interior design is a visual product. Your photographs should reflect your skills and talents.

Be Social:

Never ignore your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Today socializing is vital. Lots of people get leads from engaging themselves on social media.

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Start Blogging:

Blogs will get you noticed online. It's a great way to educate clients about your services. You can even share decorating tips and add a photo gallery featuring some of your finest works. In short, whatever you do, put it all out there on your blog.

Photo Credit: www.howbloggingworks.com

Wrapping it up, we hope you will follow the above suggestions and use it in every possible way. From today, start working on your designs, presentations and successfully monetize your work.

Eshika Punjabi

Eshika Punjabi

Eshika is an English Faculty by profession, bibliophile and conversationalist. Her life revolves around writing, photography, presentation and repeat! "Go With The Flow” is her approach in life.

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