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Innovative Ways to Hide Light Switches and Toilet Paper Holders

Light switches, electrical outlets, and toilet paper holders are things you just cannot ignore, and they will be visible in one part of your home or another. These sockets and holders tend to mar your otherwise beautiful interiors. However, don't think that there's nothing much that you can do about that? There are ways by which you can keep toilet paper holders and light switches out of sight and bring out the best in your overall interior design.

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A. Kitchen

I. Under Cabinet Construction:

If you are planning a renovation for your home, you will easily be able to achieve a clean, modern look with a little bit of thought put into it. Sockets can be tucked neatly on shelves and can be used easily when required without having to watch them all the time.

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You can also hide away switches in the base of the cabinetry; while this would take some of your cabinet space it would give you a chance to include things such as a beautiful LED strip, as shown below in the image.

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One can stock cabinets in a similar manner and have a custom-built electrical box which can easily be covered by a long door.

II. Hiding Switches:

If renovation is not something you were looking for, then you probably can try and hide these outlets with things such as a beautiful vessel or some piece of art. You can even utilize your cutting or chopping boards as a means to hide these outlets when these boards are not used.

III. Using Appliances:

Another great way of achieving this feat is to position certain appliances and devices well. Instead of exposing switchboards, place them carefully behind appliances such as oven, mixers etc. and they will give a clean and pleasant look to your kitchen.

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B. Bathroom

I. Place on Either Side of Vanity:

Instead of exposing light switches, keep them at angles from where they might not be seen. Instead of having switches being placed on top of the vanity (a part of bathroom cabinetry), consider placing them a bit lower preferably to the side of the vanity where it will be easily reachable and wouldn't be immediately visible, either.

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II. Give Your Vanity a New Look:

To hide those toilet paper holders, consider tucking it within the side of the vanity. Often the upper portion of vanity is unused due to pipes and sink. Hence, including toilet paper roll holders in it would be a good option to consider.

The side of vanity might not only prove to be useful for setting in a toilet paper holder, but it might also be an effective way to hold things such as toothbrushes, shaving kits, etc. It would make them easily accessible but at the same time would keep them away from direct viewing too.

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III. Within the Vanity:

You can probably consider making shelves or cabinets which are fitted with outlets at the bottom or have outlets inside them. Having them inside the cabinet will allow you to charge your razors and toothbrushes without having to leave them on the counter.

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IV. Color Switchboards:

Another effective way to achieve this feat of hiding switchboards is to have them painted with the same color as the walls or any other material surrounding it.

In case you happen to have white walls, then a white switchboard would be a perfect choice. However, you can also consider other colors that have been used throughout your bathroom.

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With a quick market survey, you will also find switches that are made of the same material as your tiles or are colored in the same manner, thereby preventing them from jarring your look. You will also find certain inset tiles which can be colored or wallpapered over to achieve that impeccable look.

The last option to consider while designing your switches is to have a skilled painter paint the switchboard in the same manner as the wall and therefore leave you with a perfect camouflage appearance.

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Finally, if things don't work out simply don't keep pushing it. Don't try hiding your switches all the time instead you can try and upgrade the existing ones to something stylish and more decorative.

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