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False Ceiling Design Ideas for Your Home

A great ceiling can completely revamp the way your room looks; from drab to fab. Right from olden times, ceilings have been decorated to provide the desired oomph factor in interior designing. From glam chandeliers to ceiling frescoes, architecture of the days gone by have stood witness to it all.

False ceilings are simply suspended ceilings that allow you to play around with fabulous lighting, textures, and other accessories. In addition, they offer multiple benefits such as allowing you to soundproof your home, improve heating and insulation, conceal electric cables, and provide improved waterproofing during the rainy season. Here, we take a look at some fabulous false ceiling designs for your home.

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Wooden Look Design

Many of us seek to replicate the old-world charm that comes with wood, within our home interiors. Wooden false ceilings for living room are expensive and yet extremely popular as they add a soft and cozy touch to the room.

Living room with wooden false ceiling designs | Photo Credit: www.homelane.com
Wooden beams false ceiling design | Photo Credit: cdn.shopify.com

Different colors of wood strips can be brought together to create a patchwork look. You have tiny designs embossed or carved into the wood. The only disadvantage of this type of false ceiling, is the fact that wood is prone to termite infestations. So, you must maintain it well and make sure to get a good contractor or interior designer to do the job for you.

Geometrical False Ceiling Designs

Geometrical designs have always been in style. Use sharp squares or smooth circles and curves to layer the design in your false ceiling. The gap between designs can be used to add ceiling lights that will provide the perfect shadow and set the mood in your living room.

Living room with geometrical false ceiling designs | Photo Credit: www.zameen.com

You can opt for a single white color throughout the ceiling pattern or mix it up with textures and different colors.

Plaster of Paris 3D Designs

Plaster of Paris, or PoP as it is commonly known, can be used to create wonderful 3D designs on your ceiling. This is especially perfect for the living room or even your kid’s bedroom.

Bedroom with PoP false ceiling designs | Photo Credit: www.taiwan0921.org

PoP lets you create a myriad of designs from intricate work to large center pieces on your ceiling. Biggest advantages of PoP false ceilings are that they are highly affordable and barely require any maintenance.

Blend-with-Wall Design

A popular trend is to have the false ceiling seamlessly blend into one of your walls. This is a great alternative to painting a single wall a different shade from the others.

Living room wall blended with false ceiling designs | Photo Credit: modern-homedesign.com

You can opt for angular 3D designs that can act as shelves or simply have elegant designs carved on your false ceiling and continued smoothly onto one of your room walls.

Sloped False Ceiling Design

A V-shaped or sloped false ceiling is an amazing false ceiling design for bedroom that works perfectly to create a cozy look for a child’s bedroom or a guest room. This type of ceiling gives a classic and traditional British charm to the room.

Bedroom with sloped false ceiling designs | Photo Credit: www.decoist.com

A V-shaped ceiling is especially suited for an upstairs bedroom in a bungalow. You can fix lights along the wall slopes. A pattern of bricks or wood panels can be added to complete the rustic look.

Do you have interesting ideas to share? Comment and let others know of them too.

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