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Fabric Wall Coverings- 11 Ways to Add Style to Your Decor

Wall coverings have been a sign of aristocracy since time immemorial. Since 14th century, in France and England, fabric wallpapers were considered a style statement of the richer segment of society. Textured walls are still considered a symbol of panache and opulence. It helps you rediscover your home in a trendy way. Here are some fabric wall covering ideas that you would love to look at, the entire day.

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Royal Fabrics

Royal Fabrics | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Royal fabrics will elaborate your grandeur and give you a royal feel. If you have a high budget, then this interior design will serve your purpose. Visitors will simply be awe-struck by this wall covering in your home.

Kashmiri Wall Coverings

Kashmiri wall coverings | Photo Credit: www.urbanspaceinteriors.com

Well, this texture has been famous since the days of Louis XVI. Though it is an Indian style of architecture, it is widely appreciated even in the Western world.

Tribal Designs

Tribal designs | Photo Credit: www.pixibay.com

A decoration, absolutely in demand in several households today, is the tribal design. The ancient engravings on the walls will make you feel as if you are living in the ancient era.

Floral Imprinted Wall Coverings

Floral imprinted wall coverings | Photo Credit: www.addicted2decorating.com

Floral imprints make your home lively and colorful. This can probably be put up in your bedroom so that you feel rejuvenated every morning, when you wake up.

Waterfall Engravings

Waterfall engravings | Photo Credit: www.dhgate.com

Nature-lovers are in total awe with this amazing texture. It reflects your attitude and love towards nature.

Studio Patterned Wall Coverings

Studio patterned wall coverings | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

If you are fond of art, then you will surely love to get some studio patterns on your wall.

Glitter Wall Coverings

Glitter wall coverings | Photo Credit: www.thebestwallpaperplace.com

If glitters and sparkles amaze you, then glitter coverings are your call. Hang your favorite pictures to emphasize the beauty of this art.

Pattern Engraved Wall Coverings

Pattern engraved wall coverings | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Modern day art is all about patterns. Get this into your interiors for some 'aahs' and 'wows'.

Forest Wall Coverings

Forest wall coverings | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

If you are the one who is fond of adventure and woods, then forest decorations will let you feel that thrill, time and again.

Bold Engravings

Bold engravings | Photo Credit: www.pixibay.com

Are you the one who is fond of reading and studies? Well, you can get these wall coverings in your reading room; surely highlights the studious nature of yours.

Modern Art Wall Coverings

Modern art wall coverings | Photo Credit: www.aliexpress.com

Modern art lovers should definitely follow this pattern. It looks absolutely stunning on drawing room walls.

What do you think about these wall texture designs? Do you know of other designs as well? We would surely love to hear from you.

Written by: Poulomi Mondol