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How to Use Science to Design a Perfect Workspace

'The space we occupy is a reflection of who we are and will influence what we become.' This saying holds especially true when it comes to office interior design. Like most people, you probably spend most of your waking hours at work. How your workspace is designed will reflect on and impact your mental state, capability to cope with pressure, and even integration with colleagues. Yes, office interior design is more than mere good looks.

When designing your office, you have two choices; either flip through fashion magazines and copy designs, or opt for the smarter route that involves a design, modeled on science and psychology that strongly enunciates the connection between workspace design and productivity. The latter will not only increase your productivity, but also send you home, feeling refreshed instead of exhausted at the end of each working day. Here are some great tips to get you started.

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Let the Light in

Researchers have long exemplified the importance of natural lighting at workspaces. A disturbing trend sees many corporates use fancy blinds to shut out the distracting natural view from the windows. Nothing could hamper employee morale more. Natural light is known to improve mood, boost creativity, foster a healthy atmosphere and help employees stay alert.

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Go Green All Around

Using office plants to liven up your workstation is the perfect cost effective interior design trick. Plants help reduce pollution and carbon levels in the office. Clean air promotes good health, increased productivity, and positive co-worker interaction. Moreover, plants have a cooling effect on weary eyes, tired minds, and exhausted morale.

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Round it Up

Studies have shown that rounded furniture creates a more positive impact than furniture with sharp edges. Moreover, rounded furnishings create a fluidity and friendly warmth in interior design. Each desk and workspace feels abruptly cut off and aloof from the next with sharp edges. A rounded work-desk is also psychologically welcoming and makes the person behind it more approachable.

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Pop in Right Shades

It’s no secret that colors can pep you up or bring you down. Science says that the ideal workspace should be a mix of vibrant and pastel shades. Sky blue, blue grey, lavender, and lime green are perfect shades to create a calming atmosphere at the workstation and boardroom. Bright shades like yellow and red make for a lively dining area especially as this is the place most employees tend to feel lazy post a heavy meal.

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Add Aroma Therapy

We often forget that the aesthetic charm of interior design must appeal to all senses and not just the eyes. Scientific research shows that smells affect your mood a lot more than you realize. Pleasant fragrances in the ambiance is known to increase productivity, calm the situation, and elevate moods. Adding sweet fragrances such as lavender, cherry, or lemon will make a huge difference in your workspace. Pot pourri is a great way to add some style to your workstation.

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Shut Out the Noise

The constantly clacking printer and unending chatter from the canteen can greatly hamper your peace of mind and affect productivity. Make sure all printers and shredders are kept in a closed room where their incessant noise doesn’t create a hindrance. The same rule applies to coffee machines too: you don’t want your staff to be distracted by unnecessary gossips.

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Health Comes First

No matter how chic a particular fad of design is, the health of employees should always be a priority. Fancy chairs, badly angled work tables and low lighting can cause health issues like migraines and chronic back ache. Science always dictates that a healthy body begets maximum productivity. On the same note, do focus on a comfortable and spacious dining area replete with board games to help staff members let off some steam and bond.

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