Design Your Living Room under a Lakh in Bangalore

Your living room is the literal heart of your home. It’ll end up being the common space for all your parties, where the family will gather for quality time, where you’ll have a movie night, and even where you can curl up for a night of reading and tea (or Netflix and pizza, whatever floats your boat).

A Perfectly Designed Living Room

So, certainly, you want to make sure you do it perfectly.

But you’re on a budget. And now you’re worrying.

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Well, don’t!

It’s completely possible to decorate a living room for less than a lakh in Bangalore. There is a host of sneaky things you can do that cost nearly nothing, allowing you to allocate the bulk of your budget to the stuff that needs to last, like a great furniture set.


Take a walk through your house and dig through your closets. Find cushions, mantelpiece adornments, vases, small potted plants, coffee table books, or even a coffee table, that aren’t being used in the other rooms or have been left to gather dust.

See if you can repurpose any of them in your living room.
Chances are, you’ll find a nice bunch of things that you can put together as your no-cost living room design-starter-kit.

Adapt Old Items for Different Uses


Now, that you have few things you want to use in the room, rethink all the designs that you had in mind for that particular space.

Look at the colors and aesthetics of what you’ve repurposed, to come up with a color palette, and also focus on a design that’s as simple as possible, to make staying on a budget easy. Use natural light, as much as possible in your design, and don’t over clutter the room.

Keep Living Rooms De-cluttered


The time has come to spend that budget.


Take few days to do your research.

Figure out the prices of sofa sets, side tables, center tables, rugs, vases, cushions, and whatever else you feel your living room needs. Find out the prices online, and then go to the furniture district of your city and do some scouting there.

There isn’t any harm in hitting up exhibitions and second-hand stores either. Sometimes, the most unusual, delightful, and surprising pieces are in the store you’d least think they’d be in.

Check for Side Tables Online and Offline


Buy the big stuff first. It's going to be woodwork. Sofas, ottomans, tables of all sizes, storage units--that’s what is going to cost you. And it should. Wooden furniture should be well-made and super solid, so that it looks stunning and lasts long.

You can purchase a great three-seater sofa set online, for less than 30,000/-. Go to a regular furniture store, and you can get one for less if you haggle, but may not find a huge variety of designs.

Purchase Furniture Online or from a Store

Add a settee for around 12,000/-, and a coffee table for like 5,000/-, and you’ve already got your central furniture, good to go, with half your budget left!

Now you can figure out what exactly your living room needs. If you like watching TV, maybe an entertainment unit; if you don't, go for some beautiful display cabinets. Both will cost you around 15,000/-.

TV Cabinets Add Style to a Living Room

Shop around for floor vases for few thousands to add some color to the room.

Get side tables for another 10,000/- and stools or a bench for another 6,000/-. You'll need 8,000/- for lamps and wall-mounted light fittings, and you can spend the rest on soft furnishings--a rug, some gorgeous cushions, and frames for some of your favorite artwork, to add character to your walls.

Keep a couple of thousands aside to pick up few mementos from your travel or shopping trips, something to define who you are and what your home means to you.

If you want to make a big difference to the living room design, save a little extra from your furniture money (do away with the extra side table or get a cheaper bench) and get a wall painted in a gorgeous accent color. Nothing brightens up a room like a great paint job.

Add Color to a Living Room with Wall Paints

And you’re done!##

See, doesn’t seem so hard now, does it? Interior decor in any price range is a lot easier to find, now that we have online shopping options.

But if you still think it’s a little too much for you; just get in touch with an interior designer to help put your living room together. Doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Written by: Ganesh