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Design Ideas for Interiors with High Ceilings

Living in a home that's got high ceilings?

Photo Credit:www.rilane.com

Well, it's time to get creative; you'll get lots of space to explore and to put that genius mind of yours to work.

High ceilings imply high levels of innovation. The wide tall rooms have their own personality and dimension, and you should be keen to use it. In this post, we will share some tips & tricks to help you decorate interiors with high ceilings.

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Apply the Rule of Thirds

If you are a photographer or an artist, you will surely understand the simplicity and importance of this rule. Visually splitting the wall into three equal parts, and decorating it will guarantee a perfect balance along with the desired look and success. Imagine the room is divided into three 'design levels' from the bottom up, you could decorate each portion differently. The possibilities of designing are endless, as the picture below will show.

Applying the rule of thirds is important while designing any room | Photo Credit: www.molimore.com

Frames, Paintings,and Graphic Art are a Must

When the topic in question is high ceilings, paintings become an inseparable part. Why? Because they give life, essence, substance, style, and integrity to any space.

It isn't that everybody would be an avid lover of the gallery style of art display, so it would be best to get candid and place paintings that would not only look good aesthetically but help reduce the towering effect of tall walls too.

Paintings add substance and vibrancy to a room | Photo Credit: www.arcadianhome.com

Experiment with Lighting

For making your room look special, you seriously do not have to spend a fortune on those extra lighting fixtures and the same holds true for rooms with high ceilings as well. But lighting does make a bold statement and chandeliers are a great way to enhance the beauty of a tall room, be it living, kitchen or bedroom. You could choose from a number of options spanning from classic floral types to modern minimalistic designed ones. If you have one huge room that includes a kitchen, dining space, and the lounge area, chandeliers could be used to visually separate each area within the same room.

Experiment with varied lighting | Photo Credit: www.rilane.com

Draperies are a Must

Curtains have the inherent ability to change the aura of a room; they also help in bringing out a homey feel that a tall space invariably lacks.

You can try out variously colored draperies but for consistency, you need to repeat the same hue on some other items in the room as well. Try to incorporate a patterned design for bringing out miscellany and a visual charm.

Try-out colored draperies | Photo Credit: www.aidahomes.com

Get Innovative with Accent Walls

Color undoubtedly is phenomenal in adding drama and height to a room. A great way to play with colors is to paint a single wall in a bold color, allowing the other unpainted walls and the ceiling to appear at varied heights.

Accent walls are a great option for interiors | Photo Credit: www.jeleba.com

Use Wooden Beams

Where minimalism and functionality are pivotal, the role of exposed wooden beams is explicit and their popularity impressive. They are known to bring that dynamic look back into a room. Wondering the effect of wooden beams in tall interiors? They make a room feel more comfortable by reducing the scales of the given space. False ceilings can be apparently used to reduce the height of a room too.

Wooden beams help lower high ceilings | Photo Credit: cdn.decoist.com

Highlight Ceilings with Special Textures

Ceilings can be made to stand out with special textures. In the example below, the wood not only adds warmth and makes the height seem lower but it also does a great job in creating an interference by contrasting the walls and floor.

Ceilings must be highlighted with special textures | Photo Credit: st.hzcdn.com

What to Avoid

Certain things should be avoided in order to maintain balance in your high-ceiling interiors. Rooms should not be filled with too many small items, instead use larger artifacts. Try to place paintings at eye-level and wall clock or some abstract portrait at further heights. If you need more perfection, you could seek the help of professionals unless, of course, you want to end up like this fella...

Happy Designing!

Written by: Toufiq Mohammed