How to Design New Home on a Budget

So, you finally decide to move into your new house, have offloaded all boxes and ready to unpack. However, you suddenly realize that there is a major surgery required, regarding the look of your house. You will need some silverware, some flatwares and yes! some appliances too. However, what you thought of as a small list has eventually turned pretty big. So, how do you improve your house without breaking your bank?

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Most people are sometimes, or otherwise stuck in such situations and what they require is a little bit of analysis and planning which will guide them through. So, here we present few decorating on a budget ideas which will allow you to design your home without spending loads of cash.

Choose Between Necessity and Luxury

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Most of us want a house which looks pretty much like what they see in magazines, or what film stars tend to own. However, you ought to realize that professional designers design those homes and there is no way you will be able to achieve it without their help.

Therefore, instead of thinking about your dream home, simply stick to the question of ‘what you need?". You will need something as basic as cutlery and flatwares. You will need something to sit on, and you will need few bathroom equipment. Probably that is all you will require at this point. You need to make quick judgments and should focus on starting with low cost home decor and then add things to your stock as soon as you have necessary funds for the same.

Do it Personally, Not Professionally

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As soon as one enters their home, the first thing they typically see are the bare walls which drives them to design these walls with something more inspirational, something which would make these walls look beautiful. It might be a good option to enter a home décor shop and get several prints which you can apply on your walls however, the difference between a house and home is the personal touch you give to it.

Start decorating the walls with your personal memories and put up some photographs which you think are worth showcasing. Get a wooden-made frame; paste pictures in the form of a collage and put it on the wall. This way when you look at the wall, you will be reminded of the great memories you have shared and experienced all through your life.

Post Your Requirements on Facebook

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Once you are done with the decoration, visit your Facebook page and put up a status such as
"We have moved into our new home and thank you for all your help and wishes! We are looking for few items to wind things up. So in case you have the below-mentioned items as extra or know a place where we can get these items at a low price, do help us with same!"

Follow this post with the list of items needed.

Most of you would find plenty of items for your home decoration or might be able to lend some to your friends in exchange. Wouldn't it be nice if you can give that old lamp of yours in the garage a second life? Or those dinner plates which you no longer use, a second home?

Go to the Local Goodwill Store

Buy items from a local Goodwill store | Photo Credit:

Lastly, if there are still some items left which you require, you might probably consider visiting the local Goodwill store and see what you can get. Try to get as many products as you need so that you don't have to go for more expensive options.

You might be able to get products such as dining table, sofas, etc. without you even spending a dime. You ought to start low and later when you have the resources, can switch to high-end products. Therefore don't ignore fully functional products, in case you get one at the store.

Follow the steps mentioned above, and, in no time, you will live in a house that people adore and that too at a minimal cost.

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