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Choosing the Right Types of Bulbs for Each Room

Lighting is one of the most elusive factors that creates a significant impact with its effects. So, it is important for you to comprehend and choose the right lighting to bring out that glow.

Let us guide you on how to select the right types of bulbs for your interiors.

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1: Keep Each Room's Function in Mind

Considering each room's function, you have to select the appropriate types of bulbs. It is divided into three different categories- ambient, task, and accent.

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Ambient lights are the overall lighting of the room and often considered as natural light. Thus lights from a chandelier, pendant light, wall sconces and track lighting are the best examples of this category.

Task lighting is used to illuminate a workplace or the reading area. Desk lights, cabinet lights, and bedside lamps fall under this group. An interior designer can vehemently use pendant and tracking lights for creating an impact of elegance in the room.

Accent lighting is the most preferred in recent decor trend. You can use it over an artwork hanging on the wall or a table with a flower vase as it creates an overall dramatic effect. The most striking wall light and landscape lights can be used for creating casual but an intense outcome. For example, wall mounted fixtures are usually sconces where you can use accent lighting, depending on what you want for that particular room and how.

2: Proper Placing of Light

Thinking about the placing of light is the second most important factor.

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The best lighting for living room is undoubtedly the ambient light which aids in cheering the lovely decor of the room. Sometimes, focusing on the objects of the living room will encourage you to use accent light, like on an artwork or a chair.

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A kitchen is where an ambient or task light is best suited. If possible, use brighter bulbs to generate more light in the kitchen. You can use lights atop the sink as well.

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A bedroom is a place of serenity and calmness, one doesn't like to use too much light in there. Thus, you can try out task lighting which are the best light bulbs for bedroom, thus making it more dramatic alongside maintaining a peaceful ambiance.

Ambient lighting is ideal for bathrooms. Mirrors are often present in the bathroom; in such cases, using task lighting is a smart move.

3: Choosing the Right Bulb Type

Choosing the right bulb type is as important as the selection of the appropriate light type. Different bulbs have different impacts.

Let us look at the four types of bulbs mostly used in interior decoration:

Incandescent is a type of traditional bulb which most of us use at home; it releases more energy than other bulb types. They produce enough warmth and glow in the room.

Compact Fluorescence Bulbs (CFLs) last longer and save up to 75% more energy as compared to incandescent bulbs. They are available in a range of brightness levels. CFLs requires careful handling as they contain mercury.

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LEDs are highly used by decor lovers; it saves electricity and is soothing too. Though they resemble incandescent bulbs, they are more efficient and less hot to the touch. LEDs do have a dramatic effect which brightens the room and decor as well.

Halogens are best for task lighting and emit light as bright as natural sunlight. They use 10-20% less energy compared to an incandescent light.

It is always easy to plan a decor, but again difficult to execute. By following few keynotes, you could chalk-out a cost-effective interior design plan for yourself and make it look impressive as well.