Budget Design Ideas for Your Home

What do we mean by budget?

It's simple. Anything that is cost-effective; readily complies with our proposed monthly financial plans and doesn't bore deep holes in our pockets. So, from groceries to jewelry, cosmetics to clothing, home to furnishings, pin to an elephant, we desire good quality at a reasonable price.

Now, comes the million dollar question; is interior designing affordable? Can we enjoy the expertise of a professional within our proposed budget?

The answer is a big Yes!

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DesignBids not only has solutions for all your interior design queries but also fits perfectly into your budget plan. Having said so, we at DesignBids, have decided to bring you few low cost home decor tips that would not only help style but would be great budget design ideas for your home as well.

(1) Glam-up Your Walls:

Getting a canvas, big enough to fit your walls, painted with interior latex paint is a sure shot way to brighten up your room in a budget.

![Brighten-up rooms with large-sized canvas | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com] (/content/images/2016/12/Wall-Canvas.jpg)

(2) Crown-mold Your Walls:

To define the space between walls and ceiling, crown moldings are a great option. Opt for wider trims, since it looks more impressive and stacks the space with more richness.

Crown-molds help define space in-between walls and ceiling | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

(3) Decorate Your Walls with Plates:

Another amazing budget design idea is to decorate variously sized and textured plates with contrasting colors on a blank wall. All plates should be neatly centered on the most dramatic one, to give an instant face lift.

Place colored plates on blank walls | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

(4) Shop for Throw Pillows:

Small pillows on the sofa aren't worth a bargain. Instead, opt for over sized throw pillows (22-inch pillow covers with 24-inch inserts) that look luxurious and definitely leave some visual impact. These are ideal for your sofa or arm chairs and come in varied shapes.

Over sized throw pillows gives a luxurious look to sofas| Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

(5) Go Coastal:

Give your staircase, entryway or kitchen a more coastal look with shells, sea glass, corals and beach bounty for a more peaceful and coastal feel.

Beach county gives your interiors a coastal look | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

(6) Stick to Geometric Patterns:

Give your walls a definitive look with paintings that share a common geometric pattern viz square or rectangle. Prefer odd numbers as they look more attractive and eye-pleasing.

(7) Style with Candles:

Use your coffee table, center table or any spacious surface to display variously sized candles on glass plates, jars or trays, to help spruce up the space. Try placing four to five candles together.

Display candles on tables | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

(8) Use Table Runners:

Table runners are another great budget design idea for accentuating a small-sized table. An over-sized scarf or patterned fabric scrap creates the desired elegance.

Table runners give a definitive look to table surfaces | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

(9) Amplify Your Space:

Mirrors are the best way to create an illusionary amplification of the room as it bounces both natural and artificial light, during day and night, to make the room appear virtually bigger. The mirror should be placed near the window and should be around three-fourth of the wall's height.

(10) Paint Your Ceilings:

Add a dash of color to your ceilings with interesting choices of buttery yellows, lavenders or grey-blues to brighten-up the monotonous whites.

Paint ceilings for brightening any room | www.freshome.com

We hope these budget design ideas would help you bring an instant glow to your space. Do drop in to share your comments.

Madhurima Das

Madhurima Das

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