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How to Strategically Maximize Both Employee Productivity and Company Profitability

Business is not about throwing work at employees, meeting targets or satisfying customer needs without paying any heed to your employee's satisfaction. Though employees are usually seen on the expenses side of an organization's balance sheet, they are technically the assets who meet targets and help in achieving goals, set by the company.

Did you know that your employees' happiness is directly proportional to the productivity of your company?

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Yes, their psychological satisfaction induces better work-inclined behavior.

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As an entrepreneur or the head of the organization, it becomes necessary for you to think with your feet in your employee's shoes!

The better the ambiance at the workplace, the more stimulating it is for employees to integrate with their surroundings. They should no more feel the 'Monday blues' and look up to reaching office early and leaving late because their workspace is inspiring.

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It is not just about changing the color of the wall or replacing the decor; it's about connecting employees with their work and providing an atmosphere that helps them to work, stress free.

Rule of Thumb

Focus is to be laid on employees' work environment.

Replace competition with collaboration by providing space for breaks or recreational activities.

All work and no play can make anybody dull. So, priority has to be given to ‘socialization' by providing cafeteria, lounges, play areas, etc.

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Most importantly, infrastructure for training like specific centers, research areas or libraries, etc. should also be available.

The Ultimate Road to Fresh Office Layouts

It all starts with a strategy and the intention to give employees a good working atmosphere that should serve for an extended period.

Opening up space to new features would pave the way to success.

Splash colors like blue, green, lavender, red, etc. or whichever suits the organization's mission and is stimulating. Add furniture that makes a statement of class.

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Break time should be a filler for employees with amenities like gym, outdoor space, cafeteria, etc.

Individuals goals are subjective. There is a need to empower employees to yield higher productivity.

Destroy walls and help employees build the much-needed connection when working. When they start enjoying their work and prepare themselves for challenges, it will ultimately bear fruits for the organization in the long run.

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Creativity oozes when a well-designed office is built that not only is eye soothing but also work stimulating. The top players in your industry follow the above-mentioned thumb rules by adopting good room layouts which aid in combating stress and most importantly, retaining potential employees. Monetary benefits are not the only factor that is important to employees, but also their working environment. Studies have proved that psychologically satisfied employees tend to work better than others. It is high time to creating a kick-ass workspace!

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