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7 Inspiring Bookshelf Design Ideas for Your Home and Office Interiors

An attractive bookshelf design is not merely an accessory for book lovers. A tastefully done bookshelf can turn into an alluring adornment for any home or office interior. Moreover, if you simply do not have any space at home for your ever-growing book collection, you would probably be on the lookout for easy D.I.Y. ideas that could be incorporated.

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Whether you are looking to glam up your home decor with a bookshelf or simply need one for practical purposes, here are 7 amazing modern bookshelf design ideas for you to consider.

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1. Multifunctional is the Word

A bookshelf does not need to hold only books. A great way to rework on an existing bookshelf is to include other items in the display. For instance, you could have a bookshelf-cum-bar. Another idea is to use your bookshelf to display craft items like crepe flowers or handmade potpourri. Just be careful not to put more than two types of items on display or else the shelf will look messy and crowded.

Multifunctional bookshelf | Photo Credit: www.hgtv.com

2. Convert Old Items

Re-purposed furniture is an absolute rage at the moment. Everyone wants their interiors to be cost effective and the best way to achieve this is by reusing old household accessories. For instance, that old wooden ladder can be painted and remodeled into a fancy bookshelf. The same goes for a decommissioned piano. A little woodwork and effort can give you a truly unique bookshelf that will be a cause of your neighbor’s envy.

Bookshelf made from re-purposed furniture | Photo Credit: www.guidepatterns.com

3. Opt for a Different Look

A bookshelf does not have to be rectangular with a few shelves. There are no limits to how far your creativity can take you with design. For instance, a new trend sees bookshelves shaped like trees with branches holding the displayed books. Another great idea is to shape your bookshelf like a height measuring meter. Or you could choose your child’s favorite animal or cartoon character too.

Tree-shaped bookshelf design | Photo Credit: pinterest.com

4. A Glassy Finish

While the traditional wooden bookshelf design holds a charm of its own, there is no reason why you cannot get a tad adventurous and opt for a different material. A trend gaining rapid popularity is glass or metal. While this type of bookshelf design would better suit an office, you could also employ it cleverly in your living room to provide the desired contrast from the rest of your furniture.

Bookshelf with a glassy finish | Photo Credit: www.officefurnitureitaly.com

5. Hang it Up

Short on space? No problem. The latest book holder design being marketed on many online shopping sites is the hanging bookshelf. Made up of bar and clips, this bookshelf also comes with wooden plates that support the pages of the book to withstand pressure. You can either order this online or have it made by a local carpenter with relevant customization.

Bookshelf made of bar and clips | Photo Credit: www.luxuryflatsinlondon.com

6. Somewhere under the Stairs

If you live in a bungalow, you would probably notice how the space under the stairs is usually wasted. Or, it is adorned with a typical mini table and a flower vase. You can do things differently by installing a bookshelf underneath the stairs. This will truly add a unique touch to your home entryway. You can mix things up by combing books of the same color together to add an interesting and appealing feel.

Bookshelf designed under the stairway | Photo Credit: www.ikeahackers.net

7. A Kitchen Book Closet

If you take pride in your cookbook collections or are simply keen on trying things differently, why not install a bookshelf in the kitchen? This will prove to be an idea that will truly lend a surprise element to your home. A kitchen bookshelf design can have books stored in racks beneath a kitchen table or even installed alongside window sills, instead of plants.

Kitchen bookshelf design | Photo Credit: homedesignlover.com

Doing things differently is the key to making any design idea pop out and come alive.

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