The Basics of Interior Designing- Do's and Dont's

People often admire homes of celebrities which are tastefully done by professional interior designers. Many people desire to achieve that look by recreating their living space and dining area from magazines. Somehow, they totally miss out on what interior designing involves. It is an amalgamation of art and science which is used to decorate an individual's casa inside and sometimes outside too. Each home is actually an extension of an individual's personality. The beautifully decorated homes of pop stars and film stars are an expression of their mood, personality, and charisma.

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Thorough research should be done before you plan to redecorate your home or design your new abode. Have a discussion with family as well as your interior designer about what your needs and requirements are. Be very clear in your idea, this is the place where you are going to spend a good part of your day and the rest of your life. It is the place that should welcome you after a tiring and gruesome day. So, before you go for remodeling, take into account your personality and be sure to make the maximum utilization of your space and budget.

A. Personality

Your house/room is an extension of your persona. This is your chance to show who you are as a person. You can choose the design of your room or the entire house based on the following ideas:

I. Art Deco Style:

Art-deco style | Photo Credit:

It is a European-inspired design which involves the use of geometric streamlined forms and bold colors like metallic or bright colors and stark contrasts such as black and white.

II. Modern Art:

Modern art | Photo Credit:

It is a more contemporary take on the art deco form.

III. Fresco:

Fresco Paintings | Photo Credit:

These are wall paintings, textile and weaving patterns that involve traditional motifs.

Apart from these styles, you can also add cushions, rugs, paintings, curtains that suit your taste, personality, and budget. A new volume and dimension are added to your room with small articles such as vases, table lamps, chandeliers, false ceiling and hidden lights.
Table lamps add to the beauty of a room | Photo Credit:

Many options are available according to your budget in your area; all you need is to have patience and time.

I. Tiles:

Tiles in contrast with room decor | Photo Credit:

Floor or wall tiles can beautify as well as mar your room/house. Make sure that the flooring either matches or beautifully contrasts the color and decor of the room, else they will stick out like a sore thumb.

II. False Ceiling:

False ceilings add new volume and dimension to a room | Photo Credit:

Beautiful designs are available if you choose false ceilings. You can incorporate hidden lighting as well as opt for designer walls with beautiful engravings.

III. Paintings:

Ceiling with stencil designs | Photo Credit:

You can make use of wall art, stencil designs or go for textured wall paints. Opt for colors, textures, and styles that are closer to your personality.

IV. Accessories:

Carpets accessorize a living room | Photo Credit:

Carpets, rugs, and vases are few accessories which give your visitors an insight into your personality. Use tastefully decorative items for enhancing the beauty of your home.

B. Utilization of Space

It doesn't matter if your home is small in area, you can always make it seem bigger than it is. Instead of cramming it up with furniture or decorative articles, you should opt for articles which not only enhance the beauty of the space it adorns but also de-clutters the room. You can use hidden lights and dramatic colors to add volume to your space. Don't overdo the color contrast as darker colors tend to make the room smaller than it is. Instead of cluttering small items to decorate the room, use one big dramatic piece either in the center of the room or in a corner and keep the focus on it.

I. Furniture:

Trendy coffee table for the living room | Photo Credit:

Make use of a central piece such as a trendy or bold table design or a beautiful and aesthetically appealing couch in a contrasting color to those of the walls. Arrange the furniture in such a manner that it leaves ample walking space and makes the room look bigger than it is.

II. Colors:

Pastel colors are soothing to the eye | Photo Credit:

Instead of going for bold, dramatic colors which look so enticing on TV or film screens, opt for those hues which are not only soothing to your eyes but add volume to your room too. The basics of interior designing will let you understand that though dark and bold colors create an impact on the visitor but they tend to make the room seem small. In contrast, use of pastel colors with a contrasting bold-colored wall not only dramatizes your room but also adds that extra dash of life.

C. Budget

Recycle used items as part of home decor | Photo Credit:

Budget is of primary concern while redecorating a house. It is not always a prerequisite that you have to have a huge budget for getting your dream house done. There are many local options available that will suit your budget. You can always recycle used items in a different manner which is a cost-effective way of interior designing.

Cost-effective interior designs can be made by utilizing waste materials into something productive and attractive. Many interior designers are using this concept of zero waste or maximum utilization of resources. Your old paint buckets, tyres, plastic cold drink bottles can be converted into something useful, aesthetic or productive. You can recycle old dupattas or wool to make beautiful welcome mats. There is an abundance of DIY style projects which are easily available and not too difficult to execute, which will ultimately help cut down on your budget, as well.

Now that you know the basics; Happy Designing!

Written by: Shyam