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Affordable Interior Designing Ideas to Style Your Home like a Hotel

Don't you feel just fabulous when you get to a hotel; and just can't wait to climb onto the bed? Conversely, when you get back home, why does everything look dull and you seem to trip over as you walk in. Not everyone has the budget for an expensive interior design, but that doesn't mean that all hope is lost. So, how to make your house look expensive on a budget? Try these fabulous, affordable interior designing tips that can be used to make your home look like a luxury hotel.

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Plan a Lavish Bedroom

Ever noticed that a hotel room's interior design is all about the bedroom? The whole point is that you come there to shut out from the world and rest. Invest in a king-sized bed with a good quality, soft mattress. Layer your pillows.

Style your bedroom like a luxury hotel | Photo Credit: www.nikolatesla.co

Your bed should have two side tables with a lamp on each. Blackout curtains are an essential add-on. A small coffee table with a comfortable armchair, in your bedroom, will complete the look. Try these hotel style bedroom ideas to acquire the much desired lavish look.

Accessorize like a Luxury Hotel

Affordable interior designing is all about attention to details. Focus on accessorizing like a luxury hotel. You can install a cappuccino maker in your bedroom and equip your bathroom with a great bathrobe and bath slippers.

Accessorizing is another affordable interior designing idea | Photo Credit: www.travelis.com

Think about decorating your living room with fresh flowers and few unique showpieces. Online shopping makes accessorizing the easiest step of all, not to mention, the cheapest also.

Revamp Your Bathroom

An often ignored part of a home is the bathroom. Install wall hangings for bath and face towels. Keep at hand, toiletries including bubble bath, loofahs, and mineral oils.

Bathroom could be luxurious too | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

If it falls within your budget, install a bathtub or a glass walk-in shower to complete the look. Hang and display towels in the bathroom and keep rolls of face napkins ready alongside your washbasin.

Stick to Neutral Shades

Notice that luxury hotel room colors are never overly feminine or masculine. Opt for pastel shades or white linen with beige walls and cream colored drapes.

Neutral shades help in replicating a hotel-like look |  Photo Credit: www.zonewallpapers.com

White makes your room look big, reflects more light and is soothing to the eyes and mind.

Aroma Therapy

The fabulous decor of a luxury hotel is complemented perfectly by how great the room smells. A potpourri and some scented candles will help you achieve this effect in the bathroom.

Candles give a room an enigmatic feel | Photo Credit: www.mkandcompanyinteriordesign.wordpress.com

Install odor eliminators and an air purifier to help you keep any foul smell at bay. Taking care of the scent in your home is vital as the smell of stale food tends to waft unattended throughout the house.

Style Your Linen

Arrange your quilt across your bed and roll up extra bedsheets along the side. Making rolls of sheets and towels is the easiest way to add a luxury hotel touch to your room.

Rolled up bedsheets and rose petals create a romantic  feel | Photo Credit: www.tutsify.com

Try this trick, add a few rose petals to create a romantic vibe with minimal effort. All that it will cost you is just a few minutes of your time and no money.

A Stylish Entry

The first thing that amazes you, in a luxury hotel, is its beautiful lobby. The entry passage to your home can be equally impressive with a little creativity and some affordable interior designing ideas.

Candles and photo frames are a great way of styling the entryway | Photo Credit: www.ana-white.com

A good starting point would be an entryway table with a flower vase, and a good painting hung on the wall. A mirror above the entryway table will complete the look. If the entry passage is wide enough, consider adding a small sofa so guests can relax and take off their coats and shoes.

Light it up

The only thing that will complete a fabulous interior design is perfect lighting. Lighting can make or break the mood and theme of a room. Reserve all bright and harsh lights for the study table. Install tall lamps or a chandelier in your hall.

Ceiling-mounted accent/track lights complete a room | Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

Your living area can be completed with ceiling mounted accent lights or track lights. The bedroom must have soft gold lighting with desk lamps that can be reached easily from the bed.

Built-in Furnishing

Built-in furnishing such as wardrobes and study tables not only save space but also look more elegant. It is the main reason most luxury hotels opt for built in cabinets.

Built-in furnishings save space | Photo Credit: www.trends4us.com

Instead of buying a showcase, hire a carpenter to install decorative shelves on your walls. It is not only affordable but more visually appealing as well.

Climate Control

A luxury hotel room has an inbuilt thermostat to achieve the perfect room temperature. Install a programmable thermostat in your home. Many wireless climate control systems are available which can be operated with your cell phone.

Install a thermostat to regulate temperature within a room | Photo Credit: www.sciencenews.org

If budget is an issue, install ceiling fans in all your rooms, including the kitchen so that you can get proper ventilation, and that makes for cost-effective interior design too.

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