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8 Ways to Make Small Rooms Look Spacious

There's no place on this earth like home! While some people wish for palatial houses, others crave for a small dream abode wherefrom they can derive comfort.

Wondering how to make a narrow room appear wider?


We bring to you brilliant, cost-effective interior design hacks that will turn your mundane abode into something mesmerizing! Now coming back to your home after a tiring day will always be wonderful.

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The size of a house doesn't matter; just a difference in its details will make your living experience unique! Here's a list of interior design hacks that you should totally consider for your dream home. Mirrors, minimalist décor, and beautiful little nooks are what dreams are made off!

1) Mirrors Add Visual Space:

Opt for large mirrors | Photo Credit: www.slimrandles.com

Double-up the appearance of your small room by strategically placing a mirror that reflects sunlight. It will add elegance to your interiors as well as visually make your room look big. There's no need to go traditional with them; you can get creative by adding a dash of metallic shades or so, to make it appear beautiful.

2) Bring Curtains to the Rescue:

Curtains make a home look more beautiful | Photo Credit: www.madebymood.com

The first question that comes to mind is how to make a room look bigger with curtains. Obviously, curtains are old school but can always come to the rescue to add a dash of color, pattern or texture to any living space. Hang them in the right manner, touching the ceiling, thus making your room look spacious. Well, the interior design cost for this trick is indeed pocket-friendly.

3) Make Room for Sunlight:

Natural light makes a room appear spacious | Photo Credit: www.minimalisti.com

Did you know that you can make your room feel more open by using natural light? Take advantage of the sunlight that instantly makes the room feel less confined and more spacious. Now, your interior design hacks can also help save energy.

4) Add a Pop of Color:

Pastel colors give a cozy and lively feel to a room | Photo Credit: www.homedecorforall.com

The color of the room always makes a difference, so choose your color wisely! Make a small room appear larger with just a coat of paint; one of the best, cost-effective interior design hacks.

Just keep in mind, don't overdo it and keep a balance by using some dark furniture to make the space look pretty.

5) Minimalism is the Only Trend:

Unique furniture never goes out of fashion | Photo Credit: www.sheen-gallery.com

Minimalism is the new trend that is in rage! Shove off the extra furniture that is unnecessary, giving your room some breathing space and wisely using the space limitation. Make a statement with clever choice of furniture.

6) Think Big:

Armchairs make for a comfortable sitting option | Photo Credit: www.woodenhouse.com

Making clever furniture choices is always sensible, but sometimes a piece like armchair is required to keep the space uncluttered and open. Scale-up the living area with fantastic artwork, thus adding a quirky touch.

7) Shower Magical Metallic:

Home accessories add charm to any interiors | Photo Credit: www.howdoesshe.com

One of the most simple and inexpensive ways to make your room look bigger with cost-effective interior design hack is by adding beautiful metallic home accessories. Tricks with colors always work!

8) Fold it Up:

Foldable furniture are apt for small homes | Photo Credit: www.xvefw.de

Invest in some multi-functional furniture pieces, which allow you to fold them up and make them small, when not in use. This kind of furniture is apt for smaller areas, helping you to make the most of the entire area.

Bring an end to the age-old boring decor ideas. Say ‘aye' to these brilliant, cost-effective interior design hacks that will make your little dream abode attractive; that you would love to flaunt!

Try these easy room-expanding tricks and don't forget to write-in to us.

Eshika Punjabi

Eshika Punjabi

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