7 Decoration Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

Many people dread investing an enormous amount on interior designing as they aren't sure of the final result. To suck out this fear and provide you with some confidence in starting your dream design, we present a list of seven decorating mistakes to avoid. This article will help you get that perfect design and that too in a single try.

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Do not Choose Paint at the Start

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We agree that paint is one of the major components of any design; however, this doesn't necessarily mean that you ought to choose your paint first. This tends to be one of the major mistakes that people make while decorating their interiors.
Solution: Once you have finalized other elements of your design such as textiles and fabrics, then it would be pretty easy to settle on a matching paint color. However choosing your textiles after deciding on a paint color will be a tougher choice.

Not Keeping Length of Furniture in Mind

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One might not be able to correctly identify the length of furniture while it is sitting in the showroom. People are sometimes shocked as well as disappointed when they find the beautiful coffee table they saw in a showroom turning into something of a space consumer, in their living room.
Solution: Measure the space available in your home and carry these measurements when you go shopping. Try in every possible way to stick to those measurements, as something smaller or larger might affect your overall design. In case you see some furniture which you like, then ask the salesman if the same furniture is available in different sizes or not.

Avoid Shopping from a Single Store

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People in this fast-paced life prefer shopping from a single store. However buying your furniture from a single store is one of the common interior design mistakes that people make, which usually results in lesser visual impact and makes your home appear dull and out of style, since you have lesser options to choose from.
Solution: Try visiting numerous stores for getting those perfect elements in your interior design. You can settle on a design style, however once done, shop or look for different items which would leave a greater impact.

Never Aim at Buying a Complete Set

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People not only tend to buy from a single store but also focus on buying furniture in sets, for example, sofa set or a bedroom suite. While this may be one of the easiest ways to achieve a co-ordinated look, it does have a lesser impact than what mix-n-match can provide.
Solution: Decide on one major piece and then find the elements which co-ordinate with it. These items needn't perfectly co-ordinate with a major piece, however, should complement the d├ęcor of the room it is in. This mixing allows you to add more of a personal flavor; one which you wouldn't find in a catalog.

Not Trying out New Combinations

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While nobody wants to redo the designing which they already have, the lack of confidence and inability to try something new, results in a design which is plain and unsatisfying.
Solution: Don't be hesitant to take up risks, in fact, take them all the time. Even if you come up with some bold colors or some bold design, you always have the option of toning them down using light colors such as white.

Making Too Much of a Bold Statement

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While being bold in your choices, don't start overdoing things and turning each of your items into a showstopper. In a room, you ought to have only a few focal points, while the rest of the elements should sit back in terms of vibrancy and appeal.
Solution: If you have some bold piece of art or a vibrant piece of fabric present in your living room, try and keep the tone of your sofas and chairs neutral. Whenever you think of adding something new to your room, decide whether this would look good or not. Items such as a color pillow or gray blanket might not be something that would have a huge impact; however, it might just be something that your room needs.

Letting the Past Hamper Your Present

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It might be difficult for you to get rid of any bad memories on any trend you had once chosen. However only because an old pattern didn't impress you then, it doesn't mean you cannot have an alternative to it now. For example, if shiny golden fixtures are something which you don't like, you may consider adding in matte brass fixtures to your home.
Solution: Just because you have experienced a wrong shade of orange or seen nasty wallpaper tear down, you cannot leave all the great designer elements aside.

Hence, don't be hesitant to try out something new, as in the world of interior design whatever is old resurrects from time to time.

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