5 Ways to Bring Style into a Small Apartment Design

Lack of space is the prime issue faced by city dwellers. Necessity leads to small apartments housing large families. Managing loads of stuff into minimal space can prove to be a daunting task indeed. Worry not! DesignBids, shares tips, and tricks to help you optimize space while bringing in loads of style into your small apartments design, thus making them look fabulous.

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I. Opt for Fold-up Furniture:

The best way to maximize space when designing a small living room is to buy foldable furniture. Interior designers rely on foldable chairs, collapsible desks, and sofa cum beds to save you an enormous amount of space. Moreover, furniture that folds do not accumulate dust, so you won’t be breaking your back, cleaning them daily.

Fold-up furniture help in optimizing a small apartments design | Photo Credit: www.modern-wallbed.com

II. Be Creative with Storage:

Cupboards can prove to be a hindrance instead of a blessing in a small apartments design. A lot of space is required to open and shut those doors. Keep it simple with rectangular shelves, on your wall that can hold everything from books to accessories. Your clothes and shoes can be kept in zip-up cloth cupboards.

Rectangular shelves save space and allow display of books and accessories | Photo Credit: www.pacific-coast-home-interiors.com

III. Work with Colors:

Choosing the right color can completely revamp a small apartments design by creating an illusion of space. Opt for pastel shades on your walls and maximize natural light. The same goes for curtains and bed linen; light shades are good. You can keep your interior designing cost effective too by painting or wallpapering, all by yourself.

Pastel shades help brighten rooms | Photo Credit: www.freshdesignpedia.com

IV. Divide and Layer:

Your studio apartment may need to function as your bedroom and workspace. Think vertically. A loft bedroom or workstation will do the trick while helping you maintain individual zones for each mood. The same goes for any other space you are looking to create; be it a dressing table or just a space for your Xbox and bean bag, layer it.

Layering a room is important to maintain individual space | Photo Credit: www.houzz.com

V. Mix and Match:

No space for a dining table complete with six chairs? No problem! Get creative and mix things up. All that you need are few chairs and a folding table. Arrange your table opposite your sofa and complete the vacant side with the chairs. A lovely tablecloth and a vase will further glam-up this neat trick. Voila! You got your very own dining area. You could use a couple of folding chairs and table sans the sofa and place them when required. Apart from saving space, this interior design trick is cost-effective as well.

Folding table and chairs help in saving space | Photo Credit: www.nok20.org

Liked the ideas, huh! Have interesting tips to share?

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