20 Things Never to Say to an Interior Designer

Designing isn't an easy job, trust me; and to execute it amidst constant intervention, is even tougher. So, this article comes as a checklist for all clients who have hired, and all who plan to hire an interior designer in the future. Here is the list of 20 things that your designers never want to hear from their clients.

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Come on, if you are not sure of what you want, how can a designer come up with any idea that could possibly make you happy. The most important thing, before hiring a designer, is to be sure of what you want to keep in your house and what you would like to dispose off. Based on your interest and taste, a designer would be able to further-up the process.

Honestly, hire an interior designer when you have enough time in your hand, since designing, planning and implementation requires sufficient time and you will have to be patient all throughout.

Designers often work on multiple projects at the same time and to create designs for any one client without even knowing what he/she thinks or wants, is really cumbersome and time-taking. Not only will it be too difficult to finalize a design but the turnaround time for the project will be delayed as well.

Before giving a thumbs up to any design, go through every bit of it; talk to your designers and understand all aspects completely. Once the project begins, making even the tiniest of change in the design would hamper the flow.

If you love your friend's interiors so much, then why don't you get your home done by the other designer instead? Come on, trust your designers since they are equally creative and help them design your dream home.

Interior designing means that the designer has to know your requirements, come up with a design, discuss all alterations or revisions, discuss material quality and quantity along with the total costs involved before zeroing down upon a final agreement. In simple words, it requires time and patience. Do not expect overnight results.

Based upon skills, experience, style, reputation, speed, quality and several other factors, designers decide upon their rates, so it would be unfair to compare one designer with the other. They will offer the best services at their proposed rates. Though slight bargaining will not harm much, as it is wise to look for affordable interior designing in Bangalore, but going overboard could be an immediate turnoff.

Designers with their knowledge, skills and expertise should not be doubted much. Let them know your likes and dislikes and then give them the space to work-out their creativity.

As I said earlier, be sure of all the changes you want in your house before finalizing, since any change would hamper the design, turnaround time and initial costs.

Along with publicity and good name, designers need money to pay their bills, workers and other associated costs. So trying to lure them into publicity alone without any monetary gain isn't a very wise decision.

The process of design, revision and improvisation on any project can go on endlessly, hence designers often put a limit or fee structure on the number of revisions, to finalize the design within a specific time.

Working 24X7 is practically not possible for anyone. So always learn about your designer's working hours. Wait for them to reply to your email or message since they could be busy on multiple projects simultaneously.

Well, that is true as designers do know their job. But the problem is that if they have the liberty to decide the entire design, they will come up with something good with their creative best, but you might not approve of it. So without prior knowledge of your requirements, their entire effort will go futile.

The cost of interior designing depends on a number of factors viz area of design, type of furnishings to be purchased, quantity and quality of materials, site visit by the designer, type of renovation involved and several others. Prior discussion with your designers is a must and you always have the liberty to cross-check the proposed budget with a third party to be absolutely sure before approval, since it is always wise to opt for budget-friendly interior designing.

Making constant changes to the design put-up by your designer is not any solution; but approving their design with your suggestions and inputs will bring about an effective project execution.

From colors to contrasts, form to functionality, the design of a room can be best assessed by any interior designer. So, if your designers vouch for any color combination or scheme, you should invariably go by their wits.

Designers and clients could have conflicting choices, but at no point of time should there be any form of ego clash in-between the two. Trying to make them realize that your choice is better than theirs will actually do more harm than good.

This can confuse designers as much it has confused you. It is not always possible to re-create something as one desires. Simply trust their technical and artistic skills.

Often designs viewed online do not look as good when seen in front. Designers are hired not only for executing your ideas but for implementing their technical expertise as well. So, believe in them and let them take the best decision for you.

Designers decide upon a design taking into consideration both the form and functionality of the room. So intervening with their blueprint could actually hamper the entire project in terms of cost and timings.

So, long story short, designers are there to beautify your space; trust their wits, skills and knowledge and walk into your dream home.

Madhurima Das

Madhurima Das

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