20 Cheap But Brilliant Decor Ideas You Should Know

Written By: Anagha Rao | 4 minute read

As the popular adage goes, home is where the heart is.

But living in the same changeless space, stuck in the constraints of the constant, can often dissuade our heart from staying where it should. Every now and then our home needs some sprucing up, in order to, for the lack of better terminology, keep things interesting.

But such changes can not and would not suffice if they lead to a dent in our pockets every single time. Keeping our house interesting and appealing should not come with the added notion of spending a fortune and channeling all our energies into changing the interior design.

So, to decor or not to decor?

The answer to that is simple. There are a bunch of affordable and cost-friendly tricks that can make your home look beautiful and do wonders for the interiors!

In this article, we present to you 20 such hacks that will help you revamp your home décor without exhausting your energy or your wallet:

1. Use inexpensive frames to display your pictures in an abstract fashion and add a touch of wow to your room.
Gallery of old photo frames to liven up your feature wall

2. Switch your old lampshades with new brighter ones. Don’t want to buy new lampshades? You can always use fabric paint and hand stitched accents to give your existing shades a makeover.

17. Instead of changing the wallpaper of an entire room, cover the backing of a bookcase with a new one!