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Jazz Up Your Bachelor Pad with These 20 Living Room Designs

It’s a mere myth that bachelors don’t need to bother about their houses and it's the dark and dirty corners that they enjoy. This perception is long outdated, and today a bachelor's pad showcases some impeccable designs, and their home interiors boast of colors and creativity.

It is the living room which holds the indomitable spirit of a bachelor. Thinking about a bachelor’s pad one surely can imagine a living room with a leather chair, a huge 52 inch LCD as well as a door which longs for a knock from the pizza delivery guy.

Here, we present to you 20 best living room design ideas that are not only stylish but radiates class as well. You may completely revamp your living room interiors seeking inspiration from these, or you can incorporate few of these elements and achieve a different look altogether.

A bachelor’s living room is incomplete without leather chairs

Who wouldn’t love to have a complete living room? Quite in the literal sense

A monotonic living room interior is one that most people love

A simple yet classy design

Another example of monotonic design

Living room with a stunning decor

While designing a bachelor’s pad, most people might get carried away and may start bringing in style at the cost of their comfort. However, while designing any of your personal space, always do remember that style comes later, comfort comes first. A living room is a place where you sit and relax after a hectic day. Do not, at any cost, let the coziness and comfort of your living room get away simply because you want a treat for the eyes.

A stunning combination of coffee table and ottoman

One can always let greenery be a part of their living rooms

A simple and neat design for your living room

A great sitting arrangement for a bachelor pad

A classic living room idea with patterned rugs

Don’t shy away from having a few bold colors in your room

Sectional sofas can work wonders for space conscious people

A bachelor’s pad shouldn’t be closed always. In case you have large windows supported by a stunning view, don’t shy away from bringing this view inside your space. Lighting is one of the major factors that decides on the look of a room. Try to bring in as much of natural light as you can and make it the focal point of your room.

These sofas perfectly complement the design

A combination of class and impeccable interior design

A contemporary interior design for living rooms

Pillows in this room help alter the color scheme

As we discussed previously that people do tend to take a dirty, untidy space as a certificate for an authentic bachelor pad design. Most also believe that a bachelor’s pad has to be designed with certain monotonic shades only. However, both the statements are not completely true, and with the change of trends, there have been changes in the designs as well. Now, you can try various accent colors that will not only liven up your room but at the same time will keep the ambiance of a bachelor’s pad, intact.

A bachelor’s pad with varying colors

A sophisticated bachelor pad design

While designing a bachelor’s pad, keep in mind that your room should reflect you. This means that if you enjoy playing pool or poker, go forward and include a poker or pool table in your living room. Invite some of your friends over at night so that you can enjoy a boys night out.

A living room with a sporty feel

Your living room should showcase both a cozy as well as a lively atmosphere. Don’t always strive for the picture-perfect look; instead, focus on creating a room that is more of your reflection.

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