14 Ways to Effectively Utilize Small Rooms in Bangalore

Home to some of the best scientific establishments, gardens, parks, shopping malls, architectural displays, pubs, restaurants and hospitals across the globe, as well as acknowledged as ‘byte-basket' by the IT industry, Bangalore needs no special introduction.

But ever expanding horizons have slowly started cramping the city's livable space, thus escalating vertical heights. Small apartments are a savior when it comes to affordable housing in Bangalore, but transforming a house into a home, calls for much more.

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How to maximize space in a small apartment is the real question? It is easy to make something look beautiful but to make it look virtually bigger is a feat. Here's a list of 14 ways you can utilize small apartments in Bangalore alongside making it look larger and better.

1. Keep Your Walls Light##

The golden rule to make a room look bigger is to color the walls of the room in light shades. You could also use two shades of light and a darker stroke in between, thus making the walls look attractive.

Keep Your Walls Light

Where to shop for wall paints in Bangalore:

  1. KR. Ceramics, BTM Layout
  2. Sri Manjunatha Paints & Hardware, Basaveshwara Nagar
  3. Royal Traders, Madiwala
  4. Sri Vinayaka Traders, Jayanagar

2. Rooms should be Bright##

Avoid heavy curtains and allow ample sunlight to reach every corner of your space. Try using light fixtures in places that otherwise seem dark. Lit aquariums do add a show on their own.

Rooms should be sufficiently well lit up

Where to shop for light fixtures in Bangalore:

  1. Light and Living, HSR Layout
  2. PrismLights, Richmond Road
  3. Adithya Lamps, BVK Iyengar Road
  4. Sinchanas, Malleswaram

3. Use Multipurpose Furniture##

When every inch counts, space-saving measures are of utmost importance. Try using desks that can serve as dining tables; folding dining table sets; convertible sofa beds or beds that have enough under-bed storage capacities.

Make use of the space available by using multi-purpose furniture

Where to shop for sofa cum beds in Bangalore:

  1. Hanana Furniture, Hosur Main Road
  2. Tectona Grandis Furniture, HSR Layout
  3. Dreamscape, Malleswaram
  4. Beyond Interiors, Sheshadripuram

4. Keep Rooms Tidy##

A very simple yet cost-effective way of creating space in a small bedroom is by keeping desks, chairs, bed, wardrobe, tables and the floor, neat and uncluttered. Once in a while, assess and do away with things that are of least importance. Do not display all your home décor items at once and keep re-shuffling them once a while.

Rooms look bigger when kept neat and tidy

5. Re-define the Room##

Try to figure out the flow in which the rooms are used on a daily basis, such that you could re-arrange your furnishings accordingly. Re-define each area with a couch, screen, room divider and indoor plants or switch color schemes and give each area a particular function. The rooms would look more organized and designed.

Room dividers help to define out space

Where to shop for room dividers in Bangalore:

  1. J.K. Contracting, Electronic City
  2. Planet Décor, Bamboo Bazaar Road

6. Do Not Use Bulky Furniture##

Avoid using furnishings that sit directly on the ground since that seems to consume more space. Instead opt for sofas, chairs, armchairs and beds with legs which will allow the floor to be visible and hence the area to look noticeably larger with more light and space. Glass tables are also an option.

Bulky furniture should be avoided

Where to shop for furniture in Bangalore:

  1. Karnataka Interiors& Exteriors, Hosur Main Road
  2. Maram India, R.M.V IInd Stage
  3. Urban Décor, HAL
  4. Ahaa Furniture, Kumara Park East
  5. Himalaya Furniture, Banaswadi

7. Make Ceilings Look Higher##

If you think that your ceilings look low, then you could tape off a portion of it uniformly on all four walls and paint it with the same color you have on your walls. This new border helps in creating an illusion of a higher ceiling.

You could also go for crown molding, hang curtain rods just a few inches from the ceiling or paint the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade than the walls.

Ensure that the ceilings are tad higher than normal

8. Buy Curvaceous Furniture##

Since rooms would be pretty much box-shaped, therefore to avoid any monotone, purchase curvaceous furniture like round dining table or sofa with angled sides and couple them with rounded table lamps, lamp shades, mirrors or other accessories.

Use curvaceous furniture to avoid monotony

Where to shop for lamp shades in Bangalore:

  1. Kapoor Lamp Shades, Richmond Road
  2. The Purple Turtles, Indiranagar

9. Mirrors Add Depth##

Place an over-sized mirror or several small mirrors opposite any window to double-up the light, thus making space look bigger, thereby creating a visual expansion of the room. Besides, beautifully designed mirrors look great on walls too.

Mirrors add depth

10. Draperies Create Illusion##

Firstly, when adding draperies to any room, do not contrast them with the wall colour. Secondly, try hanging curtains much above the original window pane and possibly all along the wall, to create a perfect illusion.

Draperies help in creating illusion

Where to shop for draperies in Bangalore:

  1. The Curtain Shop, BVK Iyengar Road
  2. Infinity, Jayanagar
  3. Tanvi Drapes & Fabrics, Chickpet

11. Be Selective with Wall Décor##

Decorate your walls with artwork, frames, wall hangings and paintings, but do not go overboard and overcrowd your walls.

Walls should not be overcrowded

Where to shop for home décor items in Bangalore:

  1. Raga Arts, Jayanagar
  2. Nikaara, Whitefield
  3. Tarang Arts, Jayanagar & Indiranagar
  4. The Purple Pony, Koramangala

12. Make Most of the Walls##

When floor area is a constraint, it is logical to use the available vertical space to the maximum benefit. Wall hooks and floating shelves are great options for hanging and display.

Wall hooks and floating shelves help in the usage of vertical space

Where to shop for floating shelves in Bangalore:

Online stores like pepperfry.com, fabfurnish.com, amazon.in, snapdeal.com or flipkart.com .

You can also get it custom-made by a carpenter.

13. Add More Color to Your Room##

Jazz up your floors with rugs, carpets or doormats, as they provide that extra color and texture.

Rooms should be colorful

Where to shop for rugs and carpets in Bangalore:

  1. Carpet Udyog Inc, Malleswaram
  2. Hands, Mission Road
  3. Miras Carpet Industries, Kodihalli
  4. Floor Trends, Chamarajapet

14. Beautify Your Kitchen##

Kitchen should not be messy, when not cooking, and preferably keep all cookware, utensils, and spices in cabinets or shelves. If possible hang artwork or frames on the kitchen walls as well to be in flow with the living room.

Cabinets keep the kitchen organized

Leading names in modular kitchen settings are:

  1. Elegant Modular Kitchens, Yelahanka
  2. Spyce Kitchens, Rajajinagar Industrial Town
  3. Elements Kitchens Solutions, BSK IInd Stage

All the above items can be purchased online as well. Names of all offline stores are based on reviews and ratings.

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