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10 Ways to Turn Your House into a Home

Everyone will agree that there is a significant difference between a home and house. A house is simply a closed area with four walls surrounding it, while a home is a space where we create memories and live our lives. In case you aren't satisfied with the vibe of your home and believe that you need a certain amount of personalization embodied into the same, we bring to you few house to home designs which would help you achieve this feat. These how to make a house a home tips will not only aggravate the beauty of your home but will also assist in making it wholly personal.

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1. Display Collections

Collections should be displayed on walls | Photo Credit:  www.homeanddecor.com

Displaying a collection in your house will transform the same into a home. This collection can be anything ranging from pottery which you have been collecting for years, or it can be some antique desk items which were collected and used by your parents. Having a set of vintage items does bring out a significant amount of vibrancy in your home.

2. Incorporating Greens

Plants bring life and color into a home | Photo Credit: www.ideas.wursttex.com

Small living plants are one of the essential elements required for creating a cozy living space. However, do keep in mind that we are talking about a small plant which can easily be incorporated in a bud vase or small pots. There isn't any need to have a towering tree in your house which takes up extra space.

3. Artwork

Beautify your walls with colorful artwork | Photo Credit: www.metalistik.files.wordpress.com

Artwork to which you can easily connect will give you joy and will allow you to experience positivity within your home. It doesn't really matter if you are the only one who can connect to it. Your home should have things which you like and adore, instead of simply being a piece of work which complements your wall.

4. Something that Makes You Nostalgic

Your home should make you feel nostalgic | Photo Credit: www.dhgate.com

You may not have got a chance to inherit the ceramic statues owned by your grandmother which you loved as a child. However, this doesn't mean that you cannot have a replica of the same. Try getting some classic vintage pieces which help you recall your childhood and have them on display prominently. You might have recently shifted to this new house of yours, but these craft pieces will have you connect to this home instantly.

5. Pay Attention to Your Textiles

Add warm and soft textiles to your decor |  Photo Credit: www.onekingslane.com

Try to inculcate a comfortable, cozy atmosphere within your home by adding plenty of warm and soft textiles. Knit throws and fuzzy pillows are some items which effortlessly transform one's house into a home.

6. Candles are a Must

Candles add warmth and glow to your interiors | Photo Credit: www.imanada.com

Whether placed on your dining table or showcased on the console, candles are one essential element that adds an extra blanket of warmth and coziness to your house.

7. Books

Books are an essential part of every home decor | Photo Credit: www.betterafter.net

Try and ensure you have plenty of books in your home. It can be a cabinet full of your favorite novels or collection of tomes which you wish to dive into.

8. Personal Photos

Add photos to give a personal touch to your home | Photo Credit: www.medmagz.com

Having photographs of you as well as your loved ones is critical while designing a home with a personal vibe. Magnify the images and have it displayed on a large wall in your living room. You can also mount these photos in small cute picture frames and have it placed on bookshelves, kitchen, and nightstands. It will make your home appear lively.

9. Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is absolutely essential | Photo Credit: www.hgtv.com

Having different light sources in your home helps create a mixed and mild effect. If you feel that your single floor lamp isn't able to do the trick, then consider having some plugin sconces or having a table lamp which would give a homey feel.

10. A Quiet and Serene Corner

Corners help you enjoy an absolute 'me' time | Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Each home whether large or small should have a place which allows members a getaway from daily life's stress. While designing your home do include a comfortable reading space where there are minimal distractions, and the tone of the room should be neutral and the textures, soft.

Do you know of other ways to turn a house into a home? Drop in and share your views in the comment section below.

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