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10 Ways to Style Your Interiors with Industrial Elements

Recent years have seen numerous renovated industrial buildings, replenished warehouses, and each modification has had an enormous impact on interior designing.

Rustic looks, structural elements, and lighting types are essential components of the designing world. Bringing back modern industrial interior design, which mainly focuses on raw and unfinished interiors, is an effective way of welcoming industrial designs into your home.

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If you love barn conversions and urban loft, then this article is apt for you. Give a commercial touch to your interiors with these ten tips, listed just for you.

1. Take Inspiration from Buildings with a Vivid History##

Before you start designing your home, look for buildings with a historical past. It would expose you to numerous modern industrial style elements and techniques which you might not be aware of. Timber roof trusses, steel columns without drywall and brick walls are few standard features. Visit downtown to get a look at some old buildings that are being replenished or renovated.

2. Decide Upon Your Favorite Rustic Metal##

Steel and iron usage has been conventional in designing, plumbing, and light fixtures. It is consistently used in manufacturing doorknob hardware and structural support in roof and column members. Wrought iron, used as a part of industrial design, looks quite remarkable in a contemporary household. Metals such as cast iron, nickel, and copper give a modern appeal to the house as well.

3.Make Use of Exposed Mechanical Elements in Your Home

If you are a fan of the industrial style of interior design, then you probably own few one-of-a-kind pieces that would go with this new interior. From a pulley-themed lighting to scissor-accordion lighting sconces, all such pieces of art have their mechanical functioning exposed, thereby leaving little for the viewers to guess.

4. Mix Industrial Charm with Modern Details##

The kitchen is the best place for blending industrial charm with modern details.

Your modern-day appliances made out of stainless steel or an integrated cabinet with the same front as that of your appliance will give rise to a simple industrial style. Similarly, a pendant lighting which uses Edison style bulb not only provides a chic look to your kitchen but can quickly transform the same into an industry-themed room.

5. Include Expressive Art##

One of the other ways to incorporate an industrial design into your room is to include colorful artwork into the same. Murals, paintings, and bold artwork, expressed on the brick wall, can provide a classy industrial finish. You might also consider creating your artwork, inspired by the elements you see in your city like letters, numbers or even an abstract art.

6. Keep Industrial Design in Mind while Renovating##

Fireplaces, as well as accent walls, can be repainted with industrial exposed materials, which will create an industrial look while keeping other components of your house, modern and clean.

Concrete is a fantastic option for this purpose, as it tends to offer high-quality finish alongside leaving an unfinished, rustic appeal. Leave any nail heads or seams exposed, so that your house gets that perfect industrial look.

7. Use Minimal but Noticeable Elements to Give A Finishing Touch##

For the past few years, there has been an increase in the manufacture of industrially-designed furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, which have minimal details.

Beds, made out of pure wrought iron, can be modified into something formal or informal by changing the textiles and accessories you choose to adorn on them. Similarly, styled lighting with a monochromatic finish can also bring about the same effects.

8. Try to Repurpose and Reuse##

While most people will focus on buying new items for their newly renovated home, designing an industry-themed house demands more focus on reuse and recycle. If you are renovating your home, look for used wood, iron or other industrial structures which can be used to redesign certain parts of your space. Elements such as railroad ties etc. can be utilized for giving a commercial outline to your ceilings too.

9. Design Your Exteriors as Well##

While most of you would think that industrial design would only help in decorating indoors, the best part about this style is that it is done outdoors as well. Larger bulbs give an industrial feel, alongside lighting your exteriors. These bulbs or outdoor fixtures are readily available in any lighting store.

10. Create Illusion Using DIY Industrial Elements##

Those who do not have exposed brick walls or concrete floors, there are several DIYs to get that faux industrial look. Draw inspiration from home improvement and local paint center's or gear-up for some fun activity like furniture-building, DIY crafting, and light fixture making.

So, did you like the concept of industrial detailing? If yes, then do try it out and drop-in to share your experiences with us.

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