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10 Vaastu Tips that Scientifically Prove to Benefit Both Your Health and Home

Vaastu Shastra, an ancient Hindu system of architecture and interior design,plays an indispensable role in revamping your home to bring out positive energy and reduce stress. Designing your home as per the principles of Vaastu helps you align close to nature, thereby improving overall health and well-being. Here are some basic Vaastu tips for home that you can employ to brighten up the overall feel of your home decor.

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I. Focus on the Front

The first element of your home is the front door and Vaastu dictates that it should always face North, East, or North-East. Moreover, this door should be bigger and more ornate than the other doors in your home. Additionally, a home should not have more than two entrances in order to ensure wealth and prosperity.

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II. Put up Positive Pictures

The pictures you hang on your walls subconsciously affect your thought process. Always put up positive images like sunny landscapes or a framed picture of you and your loved ones on holiday. Pictures of galloping horses are considered harbingers of money and good energy. Any image that brings negative thoughts such as a painting of a stormy sea or a battlefield should be avoided. One of the important Vaastu tips also holds that you should avoid displaying pictures of deceased family members.

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III. Decorate with Natural Elements

According to Vaastu, you must limit the use of any kind of artificial elements to freshen up your home. Natural methods include soaking lemon in water bowls, placing attractive potpourri around the house and even putting flower pots. Natural fragrance helps maintain clean air free from radicals and also promotes positive energy.

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IV. No Mirrors in the Bedroom

Vaastu dictates that mirrors in the bedroom can increase discord between couples or between parents and children. If you must have a mirror keep it along the North-east wall of your bedroom and if possible, always cover it at night or whenever not in use. Vaastu tips for home also insist that you should get rid of any broken or cracked mirrors immediately.

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V. Keep Out the Clutter

According to Vaastu, minimizing clutter at home is the best way to attract positive energy. Never shove unused objects under the bed or on top of the cupboard. These items tend to accumulate dust which is detrimental to your well-being. Along the same lines, avoid collecting tiny curios or stacking several books unnecessarily on your hall table.

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VI. Less Electronics in the Bedroom

Principles of Vaastu indicate that the bedroom should have minimal number of electronic gadgets or screens. Avoid installing a TV or a computer screen facing your bed. The electromagnetic signals from these gadgets increase stress and tension in the air. Your bedroom is a place where you should be able to unwind and focus on your relationship. If you must have a computer or a TV, keep the screen veiled when not in use.

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VII. Let the Light in

Windows should be kept open throughout the day to let in as much natural light as possible. Sunlight brightens up your home decor, kills germs and prevents the crevices in your home from becoming a breeding ground for mildew. Moreover, fresh air helps keep your home properly ventilated and removes any dull, stale smell that might linger around.

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VIII. Ring the Bell

According to Vaastu, the ringing of bells and chimes emit positive vibrations and good energy. You can hang a small bell or a wind chime at your front door so that it rings every time it opens. Alternatively, you can place wind chimes near your windows so the gentle blowing of breeze through the day will leave a soft and soothing sound in the air.

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IX. Choose the Right Colors

Vaastu dictates the use of light pastel shades in all rooms. Use of light green, baby pink, and yellow helps attract positive energy and increases light reflection in the room. Strong colors like bright red and purple can be used to decorate the living room but must never be used in the bedroom. Keep the ceiling white.

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X. Cut Out the Sharpness

One of the most popular Vaastu tips, commonly used by interior designers, holds that a home should not have too many sharp edges. This holds true for furniture, built-in shelves and any interior pillars. Sharper edges can hurt someone and they also create a negative space. All your furniture should have rounded edges as this not only looks softer on the eye but also has a more welcoming touch to it.

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