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10 Ways to Include Vintage Items into Modern Interiors

It is never a compulsion or need to design your home entirely in vintage or modern style. You can always try combining vintage and modern, thus creating something unique yet lively. Below are mentioned ten different ways through which you can make this perfect combination of interiors work for your modern vintage home decor.

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1. Mix and Match Styles##

Pairing a vintage era desk with a modern chair will give your living room a dynamic look.

A modern chair paired with an antique desk

2. Move Your Furniture Around##

In case you have an antique dresser, it is time you bring the same to the living room. Mixing vintage and modern furniture will not only increase the overall appeal of your room but would also prove to be an effective way of showcasing your art and artifacts.

An antique dresser making use of some vacant space

3. Make Space for a Mini Bar##

A classic secretary might act as an excellent home bar.

A Vintage bar in a modern home

4. Paint those Walls##

Painting your vintage pieces in the same color as your wall would allow them to merge with other components present in the room beautifully. You can also try using ethnic textiles to create an appealing look.

A classic example of vintage interior design in a modern avatar

5. Revamp those Old Chairs##

Pairing an antique table along with a contemporary chair or vice versa will turn out to be pretty amazing.

Revamp Those Old Chairs

6. Make Use of Antique Elements##

Antique items stand out when paired with other subtle elements in a room.

Antique elements blending naturally with modern interiors

7. Add Contrasting Textures and Patterns##

An oriental rug adds texture and pattern when placed in a room, contrasted with modern components.

Contrast textures and patterns with an oriental rug in the middle

8. Mix Functionality and Aesthetics##

Vintage cabinets, in the kitchen, look very appealing since they serve the dual purpose of aesthetic pleasure and storage.

Vintage cabinets if used properly go great in the kitchen

9. Style Your Wardrobe##

Classic wardrobes can be used in the kitchen as well, to provide that extra storage space for your crockery, cutlery, dinner set and more.

Make use of those wardrobes in the kitchen

10. Keep it Unique##

Try mixing in antique chairs along with modern ones to give a unique appeal and outline to your room.

Combination of antique and modern chairs create a unique look

Try these tips to bring a combination of style and uniqueness into your homes. Do drop-in to share your views in the comment section below.

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