10 Office Design Ideas Inducing a Personal Feel

Being an employee, would you prefer a boring and dull working space, or a place which inspires and motivates you to work?

Obviously, the second one!

A well-designed workspace allows your employees to bring out the best in them and hence work with full dedication and diligence. And to achieve this, you don't need to buy an expensive office space or have luxurious amenities spread all around. Rather, you can simply incorporate few office design ideas, mentioned below, which will help create the most productive office layout.

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I. Let Your Employees Design their Cubicle or Sitting Area:

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Giving your employees the liberty to bring personal items such as photographs, teddy bears or even cups and mugs with inspirational quotes, not only brightens up the workplace but reduces the effort required by you to design the same space. Doing this not only provides a comfortable and pleasant work environment for your employees but helps in bringing out the best in their creativity.

II. Be an Observer

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For the best impact of office design on employee productivity, you need to develop an entirely suitable as well as comfortable workspace for which you ought to observe your employees and get to know their behavior and needs, better. However, do remember you needn't ask your employees what they need, as they wouldn't give you an honest answer. Rather observe, for example, the chairs in your office are mostly unoccupied, and the only couch present in the corner is always full. It would give you an idea of things which you can include and things that can be laid off.

III. Try Including Zones

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Every good city does have zones in it, so why shouldn't an office? You can consider adopting an urban designing style and hence have separate boundaries within your office. For example, you can have a cafeteria or kitchen counter where people can come together and talk. You can have a separate private space where two couches can be placed together. It would not only help in efficiently designing a space but would offer a better choice for the employees as well.

IV. Workplace Should Define Your Work Culture

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Try inculcating things in your workplace which help depict the culture of your organization. You can have an easy going environment in your workplace, and the same can be shown with objects such as teddy bears, or you can have your brand objects depicting the work environment which you would want to encourage.

V. Have a Dense and Cozy Workplace

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Density does affect your office in twofold ways. One, it offers space and second, it provides the much-needed privacy. The first one might be clear undoubtedly, however for the second, we provide you with a simple example. Imagine you visit a restaurant with a friend of yours and soon after, another couple comes in who sits on the table right behind you. You automatically start murmuring now, and your tone slowly dies down. You wait till the restaurant fills up and there is buzz all around. Once the restaurant becomes dense, and there is the usual buzz you go back to speaking normally without any intervention. This is what office space should be like; it should be comfortable and should have some degree of privacy.

VI. A Single Cubicle for a Single Person? Not Anymore

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There is no need of having your office space crowded with multiple desks. It would not only save you money but will offer ample creative space to design. With technology so inculcated in our lives there is hardly a need for 60 per cent of desks present in offices, and hence one can let them happily go.

VII. Games and Greens

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Any office that allows employees for some 'me time' wherein they can chat or play games likes table tennis, foosball, snooker, carrom and other indoor games not only helps them recreate but brings out more in terms of work output too. Having green plants spread around as well as natural light can have lots of beneficial effects on the overall throughput of an individual.

VIII. Give People the Liberty of Being Creative in Their Own Ways

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Give absolute freedom to people to showcase their creativity. This freedom can be in the form of allowing them to bring their personalized items in the office or giving them liberty to design their cubicle or desk in their loving manner. You will find people who are afraid to write or present things on white board in a conference hall, wonderfully exploring their creative sides, if they are asked to write on plain paper at their desks. Different people have different angles as well as variations of creativity.

IX. Gradually Slide-In

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Don't start pushing your limits and get the perfect office space which you had dreamt of as an entrepreneur, instead proceed with it slowly. The initial years of start-up are spent in shared workspaces and coffee houses, and it is after a couple of years that you can finally graduate to an office you own. You need to consider three major factors before finally settling in the office of your choice. First, do you know enough about the business you are in to settle in a company of your choice? Second is it finally the time when you need that individuality and third, confidentiality.

X. Have a Corner for Working with Full Concentration

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In the fifth point, we did ask you to have a dense workplace; however, you also need to have some corner where a person, if required, can work with concentration too. If this is not possible then, you probably can allow an hour or two of leave to your employees so that they can go out and accomplish the task they are aiming at.

If you know of other ways to add that personal touch to an office ambiance, drop-in to share your views.

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