10 Myths Indians Have About Interior Design

Interior Design has come a long way from being an unnecessary expense in building a house to a lucrative affair that deals with decorating, beautifying, upscaling your house to making it the home you always wanted. But there are still some skeptical folks out there who have certain premonitions about interior design, and why it isn’t actually required. This is because they have no idea about the working of the industry.

These are some of the general misconceptions about interior design, and why they are just an old wives’ tale.

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Myth #1: Yes, Interior Design is Expensive!

Most folks out there have this common misconception that interior design is not pocket-friendly. Some even think that interior design is more for the filthy rich, only movie stars and CEO’s have the luxury to hire designers.

Interior design being expensive is a misconception

Nowadays, interior design is all about you, what you would like and what budget you would like to set for the project. We, Indians are always on the lookout for a good bargain, and this can be easily arranged for. Even the smallest of budgets can get your humble abode looking like the home you always dreamt of.

Myth #2: It is Going to Take Ages

Contrary to what most people think, getting your interiors done by a designer is not time-consuming. If you can put across what you expect and a time limit to the interior designer, you will get your work done within the deadline. Interior design is all about being mutually benefited. The designer has no intention of delaying the project and will give full value to your money and time.

Myth #3: Your Home Doesn’t Need Redecorating

How long are you going to be satisfied with your 90's styled interiors? The same old colors and the same old furniture can get your home looking drab and dull.

Every home needs to be redecorated once a while

Interior designers are not just going to rearrange your furniture; they try to give you the best in every possible way. They will weave their magic to make your space, your home look and feel just the way you wanted it to.

Myth #4: Interior Designers are Not Flexible

Another common myth is that revamping your living space is all about the designer’s plan and execution. However, interior design thrives in an environment where the customer benefits, above all. You tell designers what you want exactly, and they will give you their expert advice and opinions on how they can add to your idea. If their concepts are not fully accepted by you, they will let you take the upper hand and allow you to be the planner and will execute the design you have in mind.

Myth #5: I Can Do it All by Myself

Interior design is a profession and a respectable one for that matter. Interior designers are professionals, who study the field and spend years polishing their skills. They have to put in a lot of hard work, have a keen eye for details in terms of design, colors, space, etc. and you will also be saving yourself a lot of time, money and harassment if you let a professional handle it.

Designing a house all by oneself is pretty daunting

Myth #6: Designers Over-decorate

While in some cases, interior designers have been known to decorate luxury homes, these are mostly at the behest of the owners. Communicate with your interior decorator or designer to effectively put an image in their heads of what you want your place to look and feel like. They love giving the best to the client even if that involves minimum decoration, so be it.

Myth #7: It's All About Looks

Earlier, it was a common practice to hire an interior decorator or designer to enhance the appearance of the place. However, it isn’t just about looks anymore. It is about convenience, functionality and the way you can enjoy the comfort of your home. Yes, it is completely about you!

Myth #8: They Read Minds

Interior designers and decorators, no matter how effective they may be, are human beings, after all. Hence, it is essential to cover all areas when you are telling them what you expect. They will formulate a plan around your needs and requirements. As a client, you need to work with them and tell them exactly what's needed. More the details, the better.

Myth #9: They Make the Place Look Clustered

Some folks feel that interior designers tend to over-do a space, making it lose the sense of space and comfort.

Interior design is all about space optimization

However, interior design is all about expanding space. The more space, the better the design. It all comes down to what you need and what you don’t. The designer is sure to heed to your requests.

Myth #10: Your Contractor Can Do the Job for You

Yes, contractors or builders do have some knowledge in the field of design. However, interior design is not just about the external design. It also involves setting up an ambiance and an aura in the given space. This can be done only with the creativity and the professional experience of an interior designer. This is what is unique about them and why it is so essential having them around when doing your home.

When it comes to decorating and doing your home, if you want to do it right, interior designers are a necessity. Designers can do things on time, they aren’t too expensive, they have the experience to do what needs to be done and more importantly, they prevent costly mistakes that could happen if you are doing it all by yourself.