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Bring New Lease of Life into Your Interiors with These 6 Amazing Window Treatments

Windows are like the eyes of your home. They bring in the much coveted natural light and open your home to the exterior view. Plain windows with hastily put-up curtains look too banal and bring down the overall feel of your home decor. Creative window treatments are an essential part of interior design.

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A well done-up window reflects personal taste and adds a finishing touch to your room. Here are some easy modern window treatment ideas recommended by our top designers on DesignBids

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Opaque Window Panels

Opaque window panels look great in the bedroom and help set the mood for rest and relaxation. You can choose from a variety of rich panel fabrics such as velvet, suede, or silk. Velvet, in particular, helps add a luxurious touch. Opt for a color that provides a sharp contrast to the rest of your room so that the paneling stands out.

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Wooden-bordered Windows

A wooden frame adds a much-coveted classic touch to any contemporary home decor. Timeless in appeal, wooden windows look best in the living room and the kitchen. With the help of a skilled carpenter, you can get engravings done on your window’s wooden corners to add a truly sublime touch to your home decor.

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Sheer Window Shades

If you are looking for budget friendly window treatments, sheer window shades are your best bet. You can opt for the classic white sheer curtains or go for a soft pastel shade with textures. Sheer window shades look best on French windows as they allow light and breeze to flow in while adding a regal look to the room.

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Classic Blinds

Blinds are a great alternative to curtains. With a multitude of designs to choose from, you can have blinds that allow the light to filter in partially or you can choose one that provides complete blackout. Blinds look great in almost any room of the house but are especially suited to the bedroom, kitchen, and the bath.

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Frosted and Decorated Glass Designs

Frosted glass comes in a variety of designs and provides an alluring appeal to your home decor. You can choose frosted glass for the entire window or simply for a part of it. The biggest advantage of frosted glass is that it allows for privacy without the need for curtains. If you want to try window treatments that have room for more customization, opt for stained glass windows.

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Roller Shades

As one of the most affordable options for covering windows, roller shades are in great demand. Their blackout and light-filtering options allow one to choose the amount of light entering one's homes. When rolled up onto a tube, they appear minimal and discrete.

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Which type of window treatment would you prefer ? Did you try out something unique in your home decor? We would love to hear from you.

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